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Apex Vibe Album Review

Band Name: Apex Vibe

Album Title: Rhythm Music

Band Members and Positions: Tim Sanchez (Vocals/Guitar) | Chris Howells (Guitar/Backing) | Sam Caudill (Keys/Backing Vocals) | Will Lovell (Bass/Backing Vocals) | Dubs (Drums)

Genre: Reggae / Hip-Hop

Record Label: Independent

Difficulty of Music: Apex Vibe applies very catchy verses along with smooth transitioning into their chorus and solos. The difficulty in the verses is fairly simple while still raising the bar a bit with the transitions and solos.

Comparisons to Other Artists: Apex Vibe would be most compared to Sublime and 311, with a touch of The Roots within their beats.

Lyrical Significance: The lyrics used in this album are very up beat and positive, making it nearly impossible not to sing along.

Overall Rating (out of 10): I would give Rhythm Music an 8 out of 10.

AnalysisThis album is very well constructed but lacking in the track list given the fact that there are only four songs on the entire album. From their perspective it is a decent idea to focus on making four very well written tracks rather than having a 10 or 15 track album and only have a few actually good songs. However plans for a full album are in the works and production is set to start soon. More info about the new full album will be updated as we receive it.

Band Website: www.apexvibe.com