Daily Archives: November 15, 2009

Jaway Album Review

Band Name: Jaway

Album Title: Decontee

Band Members and Positions: Jaway- Singer, Song-writer & Producer

Genre: Pop, World, R&B

Record Label: Independent Label – Jawkua Music Records

Level of Music: Jaway comes to us with very catchy hooks followed by extremely uplifting lyrics to drive the overall feel of positivity throughout the album. Some of the songs are more focused on the lyrics while he also incorporates songs with difficult melodic and rhythmic verses.

Comparisons to Other Artists: No Comparison

Lyrical Significance: Jaway brings many motivational and influential lyrics to his album that relates to his beautiful childhood and upbringing but yet extremely difficult teenage years in Liberia due to the civil war. Having gotten away from his hardships in his homeland, he projects the many positive and beautiful things in which he gained mentally throughout his music. Jaway’s lyrics are his main strong point, given his background of reality, sharing his knowledge on what he has learned from the life he had been brought into and overcame.

Overall Rating (out of 10) :  8.3

Analysis: Jaway comes to the music industry with many things to say about the world around us. In doing so, he keeps the positive side of things with his faith in change for the better. The upbeat melodies and rhythms mix tastefully with his extraordinarily positive lyrics, which hold much power when understanding the man behind this genius. He brings very catchy music along with a learning experience that builds every time you listen to his album.

Band Website: www.jawaymusic.com