Amma Johnson Album Review

Artist Name: Amma Johnson

Album Title: Self-Titled

Description: Inspirational Singer/Songwriter – Amma Johnson

Genre: Praise and Worship, African and multi-cultural music

Record Label: Independent

Difficulty of Music: Amma recorded this album with some amazing musicians, and with an amazing compilation of different genres of music. Coming with an array of sounds, Amma proves her musical talent and her ability to integrate alongside R&B, Rap, Jazz, and Praise styles of music.

Comparisons to Other Artists: Amma Johnson is very original with her music, keeping every song on the album diverse in every way. Her inspiring and melodic tone, provide a refreshing boost that lifts your spirits.

Lyrical Significance: Amma tries to reach out to people with her uplifting lyrics. Every song on the album tells an encouraging message. Her overall theme of the album: To live your life with a purpose and never turn back on your dreams and goals.

Overall Rating (out of 10): 8

Analysis: Amma comes with a very strong passion and desire to excel and teach others how to follow in her steps. She works very hard at making sure her point comes across well along with all the meaning behind it within every song. Amma accomplishes this very well with her emotionally capturing lyrics, and uplifting melodies and beats.

Band Website:

One response to “Amma Johnson Album Review

  1. catherine plesce

    Wow, what a voice. Amma is very inspirational and I am waiting for her next CD. My daughter
    gave me her CD for Christmas this year and I am telling all of my friends to check it out.

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