iTunes talks About Purchasing

There has recently been talk of iTunes’ potential purchase of the music streaming website, Currently iTunes is using the old model of paying for songs individually rather than buying entire albums. From this initial model, which iTunes had perfected, LaLa came along with a similar idea, with lower prices for the individual songs. Along with the purchasing of music, LaLa offers a streaming system in which you can listen to a song at anytime for the cost of 10 cents a song.

Currently this is all iTunes has to go for right now, being as their model has become outdated. They need something to keep them at the top of the music industry, so it’s understandable to see this being a potential investment.

The main issue lies within the model itself. There is not enough change being brought the table here. Beat-Play will dominate this model, offering more to the artists and fans through free promotion, social network media player, free online auction, and virtual estore. This will be the change that everyone had been searching for, where you will then be able to purchase your music for an extremely low price because the artists will also be receiving a piece of the ad-revenue based on the traffic to their page on Beat-Play. Upon the release of the site we will gladly welcome all of you to THE FUTURE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.

Music Without Labels

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