Why Buy Cable when the Web is the Ultimate On Demand?

I don’t have cable at my house and haven’t for 2 years now. I’m 21 years old and savvy enough to realize that the internet is theultimate on demand. I bought the cheapest Dell they made a year ago, the Inspiron(about $300 then, $250 now) and hooked it up to my big screen TV via VGA. I love that computer because it does nothing more than stream video online and it works great.

I watch all the movies that are out in theaters, online when they come out, to see if I should see them in theaters(Avatar). I watch all of the new Tv shows when they air and I even get access to paid channels & events like payperview, HBO, NFL Redzone, ect. I watch all sports games streaming live in surprisingly good quality. If I miss an episode I can watch it anytime. I can start watching an older series from the very beginning, like Lost or Mad Men, even when the TV season is way ahead or not on TV. I can even watch classic throwbacks like Mork and Mindy, M.A.S.H., and for my generation, Rocko’s Modern Life and Are you Afraid of the Dark?

I use mostly Tvshack.net, Myp2p.eu, and Veetle.com and purchase a Megavideo subscription for 19.99 for 3 months which I’ve renewed several times. The reason I buy the Megavideo subscription is because it’s one of the only players that you don’t have to wait for loading before you play the content(usually). It is free but after 72 min a message comes up saying that you have to upgrade or wait an hour before resuming.

I LOOVE the internet. This system is WAY better than paying $100+ per month for comcast cable!

I am also the president of a music website soon to be in beta that will allow content creators to give their content away for free by still making money on unobtrusive ad icons, and utilizing discovery engine like social networking tools to tie content and people together and deliver the content right to them, with literally the click of a button. We will be in beta in 4 months and will officially be the only website to offer actual solutions to all of the problems for independent artists in the music business today. We will eventually move throughout the whole entertainment industry. For more info on our structure check out my latest blog entry: File sharing 3.0: The Fall/Rise of the Pirate at http://mwl-beatplay.blogspot.com/
Written by: Dante Cullari – Founder and President Beat-Play, LLC

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2 responses to “Why Buy Cable when the Web is the Ultimate On Demand?

  1. Love this post! Thanks for this. I’ll be sure to come back again. P.S: I’ve bookmark your site as well.

  2. I’ve been using the Internet to watch, research and discuss movies for a long, long time and love it when blogs like your posts good import. Consider it my payback to people like you – I made a movie site where you can watch free movies Online At 4Films, I created it kind of like you did your blog and man, I’ve got 26,000 live movie links up so enjoy.

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