Beat-Play Beta Overview

We will soon be releasing the Beat-Play beta version to independent artists and fans everywhere. They will be among the first to EVER use this revolutionary new technology designed to completely break independent artists free from the plagues of the current music industry. The beta will include the following:

The Audio Component Auction –

This tool is designed to provide a fair and efficient way for artists to sell licenses of their work without paying for anything upfront. The auction creates an environment that will reveal the true value of the music, and will also be competitive. This makes the best situation for both artists and consumers. Here, artists will be able to sell instrumentals, lyrics, sheet music, sound effects, soundtracks, jingles, rights, and much more.

The Music Social Network –

Beat-Play allows users to have their own profile and control panel to keep track of all of their favorite music and share it with friends. Beat-Play will soon become the ultimate music social network with the addition of the viral radio, where you will follow other users with similar tastes in music…friends, favorite band members, ect… and anything they like enough to playlist, will automatically get sent to your radio, at random, or by user control. If you like the music enough to playlist it, it automatically gets sent to anybody following you. This creates a situation where if the music is good, it will spread extremely fast through a network of playlists all connected by users with common interests.

The 3D Music Store –

This section intends to recreate the experience of browsing through a real music store. Users will be able to choose from a selection of avatars to navigate around within this 3D virtual store, full of racks of music able to be previewed and purchased effortlessly.

Credit System –

Beat-Play will use a currency system of credits, which can be added to a user’s account using a credit or debit card. Users cannot purchase anything without adding credits to their account. This is to save users on transaction fees that Beat-Play would have to charge every time a user makes a purchase with their card. Once the credits are transferred into an account, the user can make purchases without entering any additional information or getting extra charges per each of their purchases. Just another way Beat-Play saves the users money.

Beat-Play Beta Promotions to Get Involved In:

Vibe-rater Widget –

The Vibe-rater is a widget consisting of a selection of “vibes” which are actually playlists related to a particular mood or vibe. A user will select their vibe and each song in that playlist will then be displayed and can be rated, with links back to the artist’s information. The Widget is viral and embeddable on many different social networks and blogs. The Vibe-rater will not exclude any genres and can therefore be very effective at introducing people to types of music that they don’t normally listen to. It will also be linked to a user’s Beat-Play profile. The music selected for the Vibe-rater playlists will be among the best on Beat-Play, and it will be rotated monthly.

To start, the music will be selected by a group within the Beat-Play team, but in the future, amendments will be made to let the users decide what music goes best with each vibe, and we will also accept suggestions for new vibes. The Vibe-rater will undergo many additions and enhancements, as Beat-Play does the same, such as getting users engaged and involved in sharing the widget between friends and giving them incentive to do so using things like personalized “vibes.”

What is Beat-Play?:

It’s like iTunes without paying

It’s like iTunes for independent artists

It’s like Pandora but with your friend’s playlists

It’s like Pandora without obtrusive ads

It’s like Ebay for music

It’s like FYE but online

It’s like Virgin without the long lines

It’s like – the games, + way more functionality

It’s like plus innovative free promotion

It’s like without the fees

It’s like Facebook for All of Music

It’s like your dream, but it’s reality…your reality.

It’s the Revolution!

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