John Swanson Album Review

Band Name: John Swanson

Album Title: Say Hello To Lou

Band Members and Positions: John Swanson – One Man Band

Genre: New Age Jazz, with Crooner vocals typical to that of Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr, and John Pizzarelli.

Record Label: Independent Musician

Difficulty of Music: John Swanson brings an array of rhythmic and melodic jazz styles to this album in each individual song. He mainly keeps the standard swing feel while incorporating some blues, big band, and minor latin feels to that specific style. This is a very good display of altering a swing tempo to bring a newJohn Swansonsound to the table throughout the album. The many tempo changes within any given track keep the listener appealed to the music, along with the smooth crooner flow of Swanson’s voice. The overall difficulty of the music is lacking signature changes but makes up for it thought the impeccable composition and organization of the album.

Comparisons to Other Artists: Frank Sinatra, John Pizzarelli, Micheal Buble

Lyrical Significance: John Swanson speaks very highly towards living a positive life to broaden horizons. He wants people to be aware of the pressures undergone during life from others, and tells his listeners to choose your own destiny. With this album John Swanson gives us an exquisitely unique array of lyrics and melodic rhythms, incorporated into a multitude of jazz riffs.

Overall Rating (out of 10) : 8/10

Band Website:

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