Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Why Not Try? – A Poem by Dante Carmelo Cullari Written: 3/12/2010

Why Not Try?

What if everything you wanted was here?

What if everything you needed was there?

What if there was nothing left to get?

Would you still care?

What if your thoughts were really real?

What if the darkness made you feel: alive…infinite…vast?

The endless possibilities.

What if the light were always right?

What if you still can’t see your light?

What if you never had a dream?

What if your life was in between?

Why not try?

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Interview with V.I. – Musician’s Institute in Hollywood Student

So give us some background, where are you originally from?

Well my name’s Vic (V.I.). I’ve been rapping n making music for about two years. I’m just starting to get serious with music, n I’m trying to take things to a new level! I’m originally from northern California, bout n hour north of San Francisco. Couple months ago I moved to L.A. to become closer to the music scene.

You are currently attending the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, Correct?

Yea, I’ve been in the Recording Engineer program for about half a year trying to increase my knowledge!

Tell us why you decided to attend the Musicians Institute.

I basically just wanted to learn more about the craft I was passionate about. I figured that if I went to a school that specialized in recording music I would have a better chance one for getting noticed n two being close to the industry.

It just seemed like a win-win to me.

What do you expect to gain as an independent artist by attending the Musicians Institute?

I’ve already acquired so much information that I had no idea about prior to going to MI. I mean my ears have adapted to be able to recognize center frequencies, microphone tones, room ambience, n so much more. What I really expect to gain are new contacts who already have a foot in the door in the industry. Maybe with some luck I’ll get my foot in the door as well.

Tell us about some of your experiences at school and how they have motivated you to become a better artist.

First and foremost would have to be my teachers; they motivate me n push me when I need it. Just being around people that have produced platinum and gold records is motivation. Being able to record live artists, get in major studios n track my own material is such a major opportunity that never would have been possible if I weren’t in the environment I’m in.

Do you think your choice to go to a music school is going to give you a better advantage in the music industry and if so, why do you think that is?

I think in the long run my decision will b very beneficial. In talking with numerous people in the business, it’s all about working your way through the system. Now having had real professional studio training, I think I have a definite advantage over the average working artist. It’s about knowing gear and having proper studio etiquette that sets MI student apart from the average musician.

So my decision has, and will continue to be, beneficial.

Now that you have attended the Musician’s Institute for a little while, is music school something you would suggest to fellow indie artists and producers and why?

I would definitely suggest that any serious artist consider education in the music industry. Whether it be at MI, Full Sail, LA Recording School, or anywhere else for that matter, it is just so beneficial to have proper professional instruction in certain aspects of the trade. The amount of exposure you get from one of these types of schools is unprecedented. You will learn so much about gear, recording techniques n little things we as amateur artists wouldn’t even consider; not going to an institute or getting assistance almost seems foolish. So I would most definitely suggest a reputable school to a fellow artist. It’s well worth the investment

Do you find yourself more focused on your career in the music industry than you did prior to attending music school and if so, why do you think that is?

That question has a two part answer. Being where I am n being around the people that im surrounded by is exhilarating n inspirational. For that reason my level of focus is somewhere it’s never been before. But also having tons of information thrown at you is a bit of a focus killer, if u know what I mean. The balance between knowledge and creativity seems to clash when I work. Before, I would create music so freely. Now when I create something I take into consideration levels, panning, Eq, correct compression, mic placement, plosives, the list goes on. And although these are good things to keep in mind, I find that sometimes it can ruin work flow.

Tell us about some of your favorite teachers and how they affect your creativity and development as an artist.

I’ve had several of favorite teachers… Ted Greenburg, Mark Nonisa, Jim Morgan, and Dave Hewitt just to name a few. They’ve all helped me and inspired me in different ways. But they all have the same central focus which is to help their students. They give me insight when I ask them to listen to a mix, they offer suggestions to help the creativity, n they all genuinely care about the outcome of my projects. Their support and encouragement have helped me exponentially in becoming a better artist.

Do you have any new projects you are currently working on that we should keep an eye out for?

I definitely have projects you should keep an eye out for…

I’m currently working on an album with an artist from back home called “The Archive” n I’m always busy with the mixtape I’m involved with from Two $cholars $hort. Also everyweek or so I update my facebook n myspace profile with new music…. So keep your ears open!

We want to thank you for taking the time out to speak with us today and for your support of MWL and Beat-Play.

Thank You,


Interviewed by: Jimmy Iles – Director of Operations Beat-Play, LLC

Extra Note from MWL: If you’re thinking about a music school but don’t want to move to California, or Florida, or Tennessee, don’t forget to check out the awesome online music programs out there, like Berklee and Full Sail’s programs.

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