The Often Not Found Playlist #8

Got another awesome indie playlist for you. The music in here this week is really incredible. It deserves to be heard, so if you like it, pass it on! Peace~

1. The Movement – The Moon and Back

2. Future Rock – Rock Kit

3. Zalinski – God

4. The New Deal – Self Orbit

5. Sonreal – One of Them Days

6. Mike TV – Extra-Terrestrial

7. Phantods – Wolf

8. The Hamster Alliance – Solarphage

9. The New Soviet – Used to Be

10. Blue Scholars & Common Market – Loyalty

11. Silvercord – Her Nightmare in Limbo

12. Ariel Abshire – Exclamation Love

13. Vincent Parrish – The Distant Beacon

14. Nicolay & Kay – Gunshot feat. Chip Fu

15. Nude – PI

One response to “The Often Not Found Playlist #8

  1. another great list this week !

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