The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #4

Since the last update, not a whole lot has changed, except for our anticipation, which is growing more and more each minute.

Any day now we should be getting a call or an email telling us that we can test the site for the first time. Until then, we’re working hard to get as much artist related content(album reviews, performance videos, interviews) as possible, finished and on our blog. We have stacks of CDs and hours of film to edit, so we’re staying busy. It’s all great content! Expect a lot of that coming up this week, along with, hopefully, news of the site being testable.

Once we start testing internally, it won’t take long for the first list of changes to make it from my head to my programmer’s. As soon as this process is started I think we will all feel better. We will continue this until we feel like we have a solid enough base to release it for invitation beta, which will include everyone signed up on MWL. Again, I hope this happens sometime in May.

Last week we also got a very flattering investment offer. I won’t say how much, but it did boost our self-esteem a little bit. It is good to know that people outside of the project can recognize what kind of an impact a model like this is going to have on the environment that currently exists. I will say that by just reading about our model, it may be somewhat difficult to visualize how everything will work, but we are excited to see that actually a lot of people have been able to grasp the concepts, and are excited as well.

That alone, is very encouraging. We did in fact turn down our offer, at least for now, as we feel we’re not a the right stage to even begin thinking about that. It is like we’re building a car, and the engine isn’t even done being built yet. We are putting all of our focus into this first.

Also, I just want it stated here, for transparency’s sake, that I will NEVER in any way, sell this company, or have it publicly traded. The weight, that I hope will someday lay upon this platform, people’s careers, is too great to let anything be shifted beneath it. You heard it here first, so if anything like that ever happens..something fishy is going on.

This model is a little bit like an ecosystem. There is a lot of reciprocity, and everything seems to just naturally flow harmoniously. However, if one of these parameters, philosophies, or functions changes, even slightly, there will be consequences, and the weight of these consequences is too great to ever let that happen. Also, just so you know for sure, how serious I am about this, keep in mind that I am myself, an independent artist as well, and I intend on pursuing my career too, just as soon as the opportunities open up.

The reason I put my music career on hold in the first place was to create myself, once and for all, the opportunity I had searched out for years, but could not find, along with millions of other independent artists. I designed Beat-Play to put an end to the problems I was facing as an artist. If I were to release control to someone else, these very same problems I have worked so hard to squash, could come back for revenge.

I am still, an artist, first and foremost. That is my natural calling, and when I am making music is when I am most happy. I am spending the time now, away from my music, to create Beat-Play, only so that I can actually enjoy my calling, and use it to support myself. If I could not do this, I would not be happy. Of course, I also want everyone else who shares music as their calling to be able to do the same, and this realization of a common dream – the simple opportunity to have a fair chance at a career in music – is worth more to me than any piece of paper, with any amount of zeroes on it, could ever even begin to denote.

This value, just does not convert into dollars. That said, I am now extremely excited to do something that I maybe shouldn’t do, but will. I am going to show you the first ever screen shot of a Beat-Play page. Now, before scrolling down and ruining my surprise, I want you to know, that this is only a picture. It is not functional at all, and is only there to show the design layout. There is no real content on here. Also, note that the ads there are just place holders. I want it known that the ads will not look like that on the site, and in fact, you will probably never see Coca Cola advertising on Beat-Play either…we’re just not that kind of company.

So here is the screenshot of an Artist Profile on Beat-Play. You see playlists, videos, friends, the radio, and even real-time updates, in addition to a lot more. The background also changes every time the screen is refreshed, unless an artist selects their own background.

So, this being the first time this image has ever been released, we are excited to hear any feedback. I know this is not the best picture in the world, but we hope to get you guys a real screenshot, of us actually using it, as soon as possible. That shot should be both bigger, and much more detailed, as well as accurately portraying the ad model and the content.

I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone that has supported us, including every artist signed up on Music Without Labels, every event coordinator and venue, and everyone involved with the process of making Beat-Play a reality. Everyone has been extremely cooperative, and also fun to work with, as we have been pushing towards these common goals. It is one of the most unbelievably fulfilling things for someone to ever see, to have so many people respond so positively to this cause. We actually had one guy that was crying at our last event, in Medellin, Colombia, after I spoke, and he continued to express how grateful he was to us.

Honestly, we have not done enough to deserve that kind of gesture yet, but we assure you, we WILL put an end to these needless problems that we all continue to struggle with in the music business, and we will rise above them. If you can’t change the current environment, now, thanks to the internet, you can build your own. That’s all we’re doing, and we need the support of all independent artists everywhere to make it as rich of an environment as we can make it. Please, continue to spread the word about Beat-Play, and grow the support among your networks. We thank you so much for the help!!

I guess that’s about it on our front for now. I will keep you posted on any new developments regarding the beta, and until then, watch out for all the great artists that we’ll be promoting in the weeks to come. Also, if you want us to review your album, or if you have something to say or add, please don’t hesitate to contact us. My email is I always respond. Or you can comment below!


Entry by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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