Mizon Album Review and Interview – SICK Metal Band – Denver, Co

Band Name:
Mizon (pronounced MY-ZON)

Album Title:
Mizon ( 4 – Track Demo)

Band Members and Positions:
Justin Hood – Vocals
Taylor Hood – Guitar (manager)
Matt Austin – Guitar
Chad Falletti – Bass
Morgan Townsend – Drums

Metal / Progressive / Psychedelic
Record Label:

Difficulty of Music:
Their composition is very nice! They use an almost haunting guitar to relay their feel, which is intense and righteous. They also throw in some dirty bridges that break apart their music perfectly. My only suggestion is to turn the music up more with the vocals..this band rocks hard, and well.

Comparisons to Other Artists:
Pantera, Mastodon, As I Lay Dying, Nirvana

Lyrical Quality:
Justin Hood’s vocals harmonize perfectly over their metal backdrop, and he sometimes screams to give an almost beautiful and impactful emphasis to his message. This band definitely has something to say with their music, and they convey it flawlessly.

Overall Rating (out of 10) : 9

Band Website:

Interview with Mizon

Give us some background. Where are you from originally, where are you now, how did you get there?

Our band has members who have come from all over the United States – from Iowa to Kentucky. Somehow, we all ended up in Denver, Co. It is an awesome city.

What Genre would you classify yourself as?

We are probably some sort of mix between metal, progressive, and psychedelic. There may be a little hardcore in there as well.

What is it that drove you to pursue a career in music, and what it is that drives you individually as a musician?

That’s easy – we absolutely love to play. It’s that simple. Whether it’s practicing in a basement, performing on-stage, or recording a record…nothing is more creative, dynamic and exhilarating. We lose ourselves in the music in a matter of minutes. We are all driven individually as musicians because of our dream to play music for a living.

What struggles have you faced with having your music heard and getting your name recognized by outside markets?

We are just starting to promote our music in hopes of getting it out to the public. In the past, we were naive and believed that the music would sell itself. Unfortunately, there are so many variables in this business that it doesn’t work that way. Our biggest obstacle is time. It takes time to distribute and promote our music. We would all rather be practicing to improve our abilities and sound. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find someone that is willing to do the business side of things for us.

What kinds of things do you do to promote yourself?

We just learned how to send out an official press kit. We have been sending them to local radio stations, newspapers, and venues to try and get some attention. We also have a myspace page and are working on getting an official website for ourselves. Of course, being signed to a major label would help things…

What are your thoughts on the future of the music industry and where it’s going?

It is exciting to see what is going on in the music business these days. In the past, it took hours and hours of grunt work to get attention for your band. You would have to run around town and hang posters for every show. Then you would have to try and get someone to buy your CD at the show in hopes that you would somehow be discovered. These days, cheap recording gear and the internet opens up a whole new world of production and distribution. Tons of small, startup recording studios have popped up all over the country. Plus, the music can be sent out to people in a matter of minutes, through email, download sites and other avenues. On the flipside, there is a lot more competition, and a lot more junk music being sent all over the place.

Are you currently unsigned, and do you plan on staying independent?

We are currently unsigned, but hope to get signed by the right type of label in the future. We would remain independent if we could find the right type of people and avenues to distribute our music more quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Do you ever feel that people will be missing out on your music because you are not signed to a major record label?

Possibly. It all comes down to getting our music to the masses.

Your art can be very experimental. Do you ever wish there was an easier way to access the music you sample from, or wish that you had access to a huge library of undiscovered music, which is updated everyday by itself?

Of course. That would be an ideal situation.

What would you say if I told you that there’s a new force in Independent Music that will give you all of the power of the Major Labels and more, in terms of promotion and distribution, while at the same time giving you complete control over all aspects of your musical career, and you will never have to sign a thing? What kind of impact do you think that would have on your music?

That could have a huge impact on the industry. When an artist can retain control of his or her work and have the music distributed quickly and easily, then it is the best of both worlds.

The only catch: you have to choose to use it to your benefit, or not.

It’s called Beat-Play, and it’ll be beta testing this spring(hopefully May). Big things are happening. If you can’t change the current environment, make your own! Hope to see you on there!

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC
Interviewed by: Jimmy Iles Director of Operations Beat-Play, LLC

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