The Beat-Play Experiment – Entry #5

So we’re finally in internal beta for Beat-Play! We are just working out some minor workflow and design changes, but nothing serious.

We should have the main social network engine up on our servers and ready to use in a couple weeks. We’ll have playlist capabilities, videos, blogs, user updates, alerts, calendars, and all the other standard social stuff.

We’ll also have our music auction up and running which we’re really excited for. Users can sell anything from instrumentals, to sheet music, to homemade sound effects at this auction. Licenses can be sold in a number of different ways. This should allow additional revenue streams for artists by licensing things like samples or even individual tracks, from the songs that they release. We are excited to watch this process unfold. We are the first ever auction for music.

After we get that stuff live and running, our goal is to hammer out this social radio I’ve been talking about on this blog so much, to completion. We want artists to be able to start promoting their music more efficiently, and for free, as soon as possible. This tool will be evolutionary to that process. There’s more info about that here.

I also haven’t mentioned our 3D virtual store. We are working out the final bugs with this as well, and can hopefully get this online in time for our May release.

We still have some hoops to jump through, with some lawyers, and just tying up loose ends, but we’ll be moving pretty fast, and I hope to push this snowball down the hill as soon as possible.

We’ll keep you updated every step of the way. We want this process to be as transparent as possible.

If you can’t change the current environment, build your own! Beat-Play – its YOUR music environment!

Don’t forget to sign up to Beta Test at:

Entry by Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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