Music, Concerts..What’s Next..Food by Mood? – Hey Not a Bad Idea

As both a blogger, and a music software designer, I feel it is my job to research the trends that are going on in the music field, filter out the good or bad for you, my readers, and offer some things to think about.

Let’s take a look at a new start-up website in beta right now, called Turn2Live.

Turn2Live is a Mood-based Concert Search Engine. I think this is an awesome concept. The idea of filtering music by mood is becoming more and more important. It’s something that I first came across on Since then, it has crept up slowly into other music networks around the web. I want to look at this new phenomenon a little closer.

The reason Mood is an extremely powerful, and useful filter, is because it asks the user for their input on how they FEEL. Since feelings change all the time, along with the people, having a filter that adjusts to those feelings offers a much richer and more pleasing experience for the user, rather than just being bound to one genre at a time.

Searching by mood can be amazingly helpful, however, alone, this filter may not be sufficient. First of all, who decides what mood a song gets categorized as? Is it the artist, the website, or the fans? Personally, I think it should be a combination of the fans and the artists, using tags, along with other info like genre, but not all sites operate like that.

The other thing to think about is, just because a song fits my mood, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to like it. Maybe if this filter coincided with popular charts, or even better, recommendations from trusted friends, the results would fit my needs perfectly. Now that would be awesome.

A reason I really like the Mood filter is because it doesn’t restrict people to one genre. It opens them up to new kinds of music that they may not even know they like, and this is what makes Mood a very important aspect of music discovery.

Mood is an amazing filter, and it is proof that when it comes to filtering music, our ways of thinking are becoming more advanced, to fit our actual user’s needs. However, mood alone is not enough to create a pleasing musical experience, 100% of the time. If you don’t believe me, try out TheSixtyOne’s mood filter. You’ll find some jams you like, but there’s always a couple you won’t.

Instead, if we combine variable filters like mood, with components like smart user tagging, friend song recommendation, popular charts, and filters on music we don’t like, we will get some really, really awesome results. That’s what we’re planning on doing with Beat-Play.

It is always cool to see sites like Turn2Live pop up and use mood in ways that haven’t been fully explored..because right now it’s still a fairly new filter. However, my prediction is that with the right ingredients combined with it, Mood could turn out to be the new favorite filter among music fans, and I think that is a great thing for music.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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2 responses to “Music, Concerts..What’s Next..Food by Mood? – Hey Not a Bad Idea

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  2. I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves

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