Daily Archives: April 12, 2010

The Often Not Found Playlist #10

This week is a bit of a mashup. There’s everything from Drum & Bass and Dub step, to Jazz, to Alt/Indie Rock, and Acoustic in this list. There’s upbeat stuff and downtempo stuff, but it’s all GREAT music. Click to Listen. Hope you enjoy!

1. KJ Sawka in his Basement

2. Automata – Give and Take

3. Evan Brightly – Open Up Your Eyes

4. My First Earthquake – In the Forest with Frenemies

5. Marmoset – Unfinished 1

6. The Smoking Jackets – Karma Kid

7. Greg Laswell – Embrace Me

8. Jojo Mayer – Vic Firth

9. Rob Costlow – Communion

10. Bridgetown Syndicate – Dub Samurai

11. Dub Trio – Jack Bauer

12. Brand New – Jesus Christ

13. For Suergrover – Eskimo Sandune

14. Smash Gordon – Smash Theme

15. Taskless Sheep – Face God

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