Daily Archives: April 22, 2010

Musicians Should Blog

Blogging has become one the best ways for a person or brand to share their content and interests with the world. From corporate conglomerates, to local businesses, right down to musicians, blogs have been a great form of success for building a personal relationship with your fans/customers. Music Without Labels believes that it is extremely beneficial for musicians to blog about their music. Continue reading

Myspace: Don’t Waste Your Time!

MusicWithoutLabels believes that any social networking platform, if used properly and maintained proficiently, can be used to effectively promote a brand, a band, a business, etc. Studies have shown social media platforms can increase brand recognition, promote constructive criticism, and create exposure. These platforms also allow the user to create an intimate, more personal connection with fans and new listeners. Facebook, at the moment, is creating the most buzz and will hold that crown for the immediate future. As with all technology, fads come, Twitter, and they go, Myspace.

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