Myspace: Don’t Waste Your Time!

MusicWithoutLabels believes that any social networking platform, if used properly and maintained proficiently, can be used to effectively promote a brand, a band, a business, etc. Studies have shown social media platforms can increase brand recognition, promote constructive criticism, and create exposure. These platforms also allow the user to create an intimate, more personal connection with fans and new listeners. Facebook, at the moment, is creating the most buzz and will hold that crown for the immediate future. As with all technology, fads come, Twitter, and they go, Myspace.

Once the shining beacon of interconnectedness, Myspace has been whittled down into obscurity. In 2003, Myspace launched onto the scene creating quite a stir. A year later Facebook was released on select college campuses. While Myspace seemed to be dominated by high-school students enthralled by the glitter and customizable profiles, Facebook aimed to captivate the collegiate crowd, parents, and grandparents with a clean, professional, consistent interface.

I once heard someone call Myspace the MTV of social networking. They have become complacent after initial triumph and are simply riding their previous success. As far as college students, parents, grandparents, and the plurality of the tech world are concerned, Myspace is irrelevant. From a business standpoint, unless your target audience is the under-16 demographic, it would behoove one to simply ignore Myspace.

As far as promoting your music via Myspace, we recommend that you approach it with a grano salis. Myspace does have a young, loyal set of users, however we feel as though the internet market as a whole has left Myspace off the guest list. There are more reasonable and efficient mediums to reach an audience in which one can create quality feedback and measurable results. If you choose to implement Myspace into your marketing plan, you may gain exposure, but keep in mind of whom you are being exposed to.

By: Kyle C. Stilley | Online Marketing | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

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