The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #6

Just got off the phone with my lead developer. We are still in beginning stages of internal beta, and next Tuesday we’ll be finally uploading to our server, which is a Rackspace server, the same company Youtube used before they got bought out by Google.

Once on the server, we’ll be uploading build iteration #3, which should include a fully functional social network platform, including friend management, alerts, updates, blogs, videos, playlists, event calendars, various settings and more.

Once this is all stable, which it is for the most part right now, we will begin inviting specific independent artists to help us beta test. These will be artists we’ve promoted over the last year, and have grown a trusting reciprocal relationship with.

From this point, we will then begin adding the functions of Beat-Play that will really make it stand out. These are the radio and playlist components being connected to the social network.

First we plan on building the individual components of the radio, such as ratings, add to playlist, add tag, play history, song info, ect. We also have some other really cool functions like a “Bump” button. The Bump button works with tags. You enter as many words as you like describing the music you want to hear, naming artists, moods, genres, descriptions of how you want the music to make you feel, and more, and when you hit the Bump button it automatically finds music matching your criteria. It’s almost like a StumbleUpon button, but for music.

This cool tool, in addition to being able to follow your friend’s playlists and receive live updates and to be able to filter the music in various custom ways, will encompass the parts of our radio that really make it an awesome music tool. Once we have these pieces in place, and communicating with our social network, we will begin to open up testing to anyone.

This can all be done, I believe, by the end of the summer :). After that we’ll start adding the other cool components like the first ever auction for music, the first ever 3d virtual music store, and other stuff like an artist merchandise store.

We’re getting extremely excited over here. We’ve begun playing, and now all of our energy is going into making the experience even better. We hope to get these tools into your hands a soon as possible, and we’re going to need you to provide us with the feedback that can make this a better experience for everybody. We hope that you sign up to Beta Test at !!

We’ll keep you updated on everything that’s going on behind the scenes, because in order for this to work, we need each other, and there has to be transparency and communication.   Feedback Welcome!!

If you can’t change the current environment, create your own! That’s what Beat-Play is for independent artists.

About Beat-Play

Entry by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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