Labels Aren’t for ANYBODY

Too many bands today spend hours and hours creating new music during the week just to go out and play covers on stage. Honestly, if this is how bands make their money then it will most likely continue in that manner. Independent Artist’s focus today should be building a strategic push of their OWN music to the public. The technological advances online that we’ve consistently seen in the past 20 years can shape the strategy in which you focus on.
Through useful online marketing and interaction with sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, iTunes, ReverbNation, theSixtyOne,, ect. many Independent musicians, such as Lisa Lavie, have flourished by online promotion ONLY. The idea is: You can show your area around you the level of your musical ability, or you can utilize the web to more effectively show the world how talented you are. So many musicians focus on getting that one person to hear them and get signed by a huge label. Of course you may become famous for some amount of time, but you lose all control via your contract agreement. Along with complying to their every wishes and demands, the label is only going to give you a measly 5 % profit on the music in which you’ve dedicated 100% of your life to.

So stop searching for that big time record deal and take advantage of the tools the web has to offer. Sell your music online for greater profits. Promote everything about your music through social media sites, by posting some free songs to build interest, post videos of live performances, and even photos of all of your events. Now switch your focus a little bit and start promoting your music, for free, for yourself.

By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

2 responses to “Labels Aren’t for ANYBODY

  1. shoot sweet story bro.

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