Play Your Own Music. Stop Playing Covers

You’re a famous musician and you walk into a small home-town bar to hear a local independent band playing one of your hits. You know you’re not getting paid for it but your song is being played to promote the name of another band who is clearly being paid by the venue. If your song plays on the radio, you receive a payout for this. So where is the difference here?

With companies in place today like ASCAP(American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) bands and venues can be sued for promoting the playback of cover music. These companies are in place to make sure their contracted artists receive the royaties they deserve from any type of playback from radio all the way to television advertisements. The problem arises where they don’t employ enough people to keep a full tally of this, leaving many playbacks unheard.

Musicians put all their heart and time into their music and how it is heard, leaving them very deserving of any money being produced. Promoting covers is not a good way to spread NEW music. Too many time you will hear a band out, playing covers and promoting their personal albums. If this motive were to be halted  we wouldn’t have to listen to bands with bad music who are only there because they are good at playing other musicians work. (Let alone the fact that they get paid for it)

As a community, we need to stop encouraging cover music, and utilize GOOD independent musicians for that exact reason; because they’re good, not because they are good at playing other musicians’ work. This will help build the music world and put an end to mainstream label promotion. We support our hometown sports teams, why not support hometown musicians with the same enthusiasm.


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