Radio Reddit: The New Top 40? – Why not?

I’m a frequent redditor, and I can remember a couple months back seeing a reddit post asking users if they would listen to a radio station driven by reddit. They seemed to get a pretty great response, so they actually created one. It’s been interesting tracking Radio Reddit along this journey. Click to Enlarge:
They have definitely come a long way. During their development they allowed redditors to visit the site, even if still in pieces, and they got over 54,000 views before even fully functional. While listener numbers are considerably lower right now, I think that there is a huge amount of potential sitting right on Reddit. If only the users would decide to support it more, this could be a really great resource for artists and fans alike.

In case you didn’t know, reddit utilizes a system of voting up or down to democratically decide which content should be closest to the top. This could be awesome when applied to music! Right now, the only things missing are more songs, and more users, which should be no problem for the reddit community to provide. The functionality really is pretty cool.

“We only broadcast music created by Redditors representing many different genres including rock, pop, hip-hop and electronic music.”

Right now, Radio Reddit’s features include the following: Streaming Radio with multiple player options, Voting, Tagging, Station Archives, Charts, and a Submit to Reddit button. Radio Reddit also allows ANY independent artist to upload their music for voting. If you’re an indie artist, why not?? They even are posting free custom ads for artists that submit, and also provide some pretty cool banners for an artist’s website to draw people to the radio.

“If you are interested in having an ad of your release or upcoming event, you can send an e-mail with a link to 180×150 image to us on our contact page. Be sure that you include your username, as we will be able to assign you as the owner of the ad so that you can track clicks and stats.”

Just to be clear, I am not in any way associated with Radio Reddit, I just think they deserve a lot of credit for the cool tools they’re providing for free. I’m kind of an online tool junkie..

Their whole community is basically run by users. They operate on donations to pay server costs. Today, I donated $10 with my paypal account. If you can, I encourage you to support them as well! Right now they have approximately 1535 tracks in rotation and are expected to start hosting regular 1 hour, genre-based shows once a week. Show Schedule: This is a very cool thing to check out.

I think the most important thing for them right now is to get the artists involved. If they can get some great content on there, then when people go to listen for the first time, they will be instantly hooked. It’s up to the artists to define this as a viable platform for their promotion. Again, if you’re an independent artist, why not take advantage of this awesome free resource? I mean, there’s absolutely no risk at all…kind of like another tool that I believe will help indie artists even more, but that’s another story.

“It is of tantamount importance that you excercize your right to vote and submit songs to /r/radioreddit for vote eligibility. Our schedule currently has two blocks that pull tracks exclusively from the top vote lists via
And as a bonus, when you submit tracks to /r/radioreddit, you get the karma from the upvotes! It’s a win, win, win!”

For now, definitely help spread the word about Radio Reddit. Also, if you’re not a member of yet, I highly recommend getting on board of that ship. It’s always an interesting ride.

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