It’s Time for Indie Artists to Organize, Now More Than Ever! – Join the Music Without Labels Community! – There are Great Benefits to Be Had!!

Right now it is more important than ever for independent artists to organize together. Music Without Labels is an environment dedicated to the ideas and solutions that are going to carry indie artists to where they want to be: in complete control, and with as many options as possible to further their careers.

MWL is an important first step for independent artists. There’s millions more independent artists than there are signed artists. Statistically speaking, we have way more talent too. It’s time we all organize together into one unit, and use our strength as a whole to accomplish our shared goals of leveling out the playing field.

If MWL is the first step, than Beat-Play is the second. First of all, I am an independent artist myself, and I understand just as much as anyone, how hard it is to promote my music to the point where I can support myself. Beat-Play is a website being created by MWL right now, that combats the current promotion problems plaguing artists, by offering a new form of promotion never yet tapped into.

Instead of a computer trying to come up with an algorithm for what each person individually wants to hear, we’ve taken the opposite approach, and decided to utilize the people you trust the most to make those recommendations. On Beat-Play, there is a radio where when you press play, you are receiving songs from your friend’s and favorite artist’s playlists. It’s only the music they liked enough to save, so chances are you are going to like it as long as you trust them. If you do like the music you hear, and you save it into your playlist, it automatically gets sent to anybody following you. It’s an automatic word of mouth system, that is also a form of free distribution and promotion at the same time! This is exactly what we as indie artists need to promote ourselves effectively! Thanks to 6 degrees of separation, as long as people support the network, if your music is good, on Beat-Play, it will spread, and it could spread fast.

What’s even better, is that with this kind of technology, people, and the network really do the leg work for you, as long as the music is good, which should always be the first priority. But once your music starts to spread, you can track all of your song plays, video plays, profile views, ect, and begin to make ad revenue based on your popularity. It’s a very simple concept: If you attract enough people, your ad space will become worth more. If we can increase the cost of your space, we give you 95% of the increase. This could mean a situation where the more the fans are sharing your music for free, the more you can get paid based on ad revenue. This however only serves as an additional revenue stream to merchandise sales, shows, and commercial licensing.

Basically, this technology could turn piracy from a strong social trend that is causing damage in the industry, to a strong social trend that can help grow the industry, and specifically the independent one, which in all actuality is the bigger and better one by nature already. Instead of fighting the trends that don’t seem to be letting up, Beat-Play is built upon them, and utilizes their momentum to help take artists where they really want to go. This platform, Beat-Play, will be completely free for independent artists, and our main goal is to level out the playing field in the industry, while providing artists with a wide array of viable options for expanding their career’s success.

However, we NEED ARTISTS TO SUPPORT THIS PLATFORM!! Now more than ever! Music Without Labels is a small community of about 300 artists right now. In order to make this site fly, we are going to need a lot more great content to kick start it. We are currently in internal beta with Beat-Play, and will be releasing the beta in the next month or two to MWL artists. Join our community at MWL! Right now, getting involved means nothing more than signing up at MWL, and contacting us about what you would want to see included in this platform. What tools do you need to further your career? We want to start discussions, and utilize this community we’re building, to solve every single problem indie artists face today. We’ve already got a lot of solutions ourselves too.

Beat-Play is the dream, which I’m sure we all share – A level, unbiased, open, and thriving musical environment, from all angles. We are here to STAY!! Join the movement, and help spread the word! Solutions are here. Now we need your help by supporting them and buying into them(mentally). This is the first step towards very exciting things. Let’s blow the doors off of this, and take back what’s rightfully ours!

More About Beat-Play

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder and President Beat-Play, LLC

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