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Awesome Interview with Decay from The Porcelain Dolls

Old Lineup

We’re talking today with Decay from The Porcelain Dolls.

So where are you from originally, where are you now, how did you get there?

Well the band started out in Portland, OR in 2001. After almost a decade of performing on the west coast and having been born and raised out there it was time for a change of pace(also the police started to suspect us as the cause of many missing children and co-eds)

What Genre would you classify yourself as?

Since most would ask us to classify which can be extremely difficult for some I(decay) took a term from the band orgy and would label my band as “death pop”. It’s a mix of everything I grew up with as a kid from alternative,dream pop,death metal,industrial,shock rock,black metal, and glam rock.

Music Blog Entry: Youtube Music Promo Tips

Youtube has added many new features in the past few years that really give users an innovative way of spreading your video content throughout one of the largest networks online. With the addition of new features comes the transition of useful marketing strategies. Learn how to effectively utilize:

  • Channels for Videos
  • User Connect
  • Tags and Annotations
  • Video Responses

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