Awesome Interview with Decay from The Porcelain Dolls

Old Lineup

We’re talking today with Decay from The Porcelain Dolls.

So where are you from originally, where are you now, how did you get there?

Well the band started out in Portland, OR in 2001. After almost a decade of performing on the west coast and having been born and raised out there it was time for a change of pace(also the police started to suspect us as the cause of many missing children and co-eds)

What Genre would you classify yourself as?

Since most would ask us to classify which can be extremely difficult for some I(decay) took a term from the band orgy and would label my band as “death pop”. It’s a mix of everything I grew up with as a kid from alternative,dream pop,death metal,industrial,shock rock,black metal, and glam rock.

What is it that drove you to pursue a career in music, and what it is that drives you individually as a musician?

I have been a musician since I was five years old starting with classical piano(my feet couldn’t even reach the sustain pedals at that time) so I guess my mother had some influence on that. Beyond that I was always different from other kids in my art, but I could always put on a record and it wouldn’t judge me for being who I was it made me feel better about it. What really drives me is I’m tired of the industry feeding us the same tired records. I wanted to do something without limits. I never did this for the money or fame, I did it for the greater cause of my art and to connect with my fans.

What struggles have you faced with having your music heard and getting your name recognized by outside markets?

I think the biggest problem we face is that the sound is so new. It’s like when david bowie did ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars. While it’s recognized now as a masterpiece, when it came out people didn’t know what to make of it. Everyone wants another run of the mill metal band or hip hop group and we are neither. We have full liquid latex makeup that makes us look like mutilated bodies and play this dark melodic stuff that moves at a 4/4 time signature.

What kinds of things do you do to promote yourself?

The internet has become a great tool for us but nothing competes with word of mouth. We put on a true rock show with video feeds, fire breathing, mock executions, suspension hangs and everything in between which gets a lot of people talking because they want to see what we’ll do next.

How well would you rate that word of mouth from your shows in translating into views online or music sales for your band?

I would say word of mouth has helped us a lot over the years to establish ourselves in the running to take over where people like Manson and the pumpkins left off. In terms of music sales they have increased with the popularity, but we believe this better quality album coming soon is really going to boost sales all together. Although on a side note about music sales it’s unfortunate to see everything going digital(you tend to lose all the awesome album artwork)

Is there a predominant message you hope to get across In your songs?

My Biggest message is one of pain and loss. The other is to always be true to yourself.

What are your thoughts on the future of the music industry and where it’s going?

I personally think the industry has been on life support for years. It’s time for change especially from promoters and bookers. If I bring 200 people to the show they generally take a door cut of 95 percent, plus try to get their hands on my merch money. It’s not entirely about the money but I need to eat too. I think within the next 10 years record labels as we know them will be very much dead and a new wave will come about.

We are in total agreement.

Are you currently unsigned, and do you plan on staying independent?

Currently we had to create and run our own record label for business reasons and nothing more. While it’s not a vanity label it only controls The Porcelain Dolls and all business related to the band including our endorsements. I plan to stay right where I am at unless something really good comes along to allow me to reach more of my fans without cost to me.

What are your reasons for being an independent artist?

Honestly I cannot stand record labels. They decide who goes and stays and most labels are owned by a much larger company so almost all media you get is filtered through 4-6 people in the world. People like rupert murdock make all the choices and that sickens me. So few people shouldn’t control everything for the masses.

Again, couldn’t agree more.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

David Bowie,Marilyn Manson,Billy Corgan,Syd Barrett and a few others that I can’t think of right now.

Do you ever feel that people will be missing out on your music because you are not signed to a major record label?

I actually feel that if I was signed to a major label they would be missing out on the real me and what I really believe in and write about. They could hear songs with my name stamped on them but it doesn’t mean it’s mine.

That’s one of the best answers we’ve ever heard.

Your art can be very experimental. Do you ever wish there was an easier way to access the music you sample from, or wish that you had access to a huge library of undiscovered music, which is updated everyday by itself?

Constantly, however a friend of mine created a site that helps with that. You may have heard of it it’s called Pandora.

The only problem we see with Pandora is that you can’t listen to a song on demand, only by random, and we also feel like people are better recommendation engines than computer algorithms.

What would you say if I told you that there’s a new force in Independent Music that will give you all of the power of the Major Labels and more, while at the same time giving you complete control over all aspects of your musical career, and you will never have to sign a thing?

I would say that’s exactly what I have been trying to build for my band for almost 10 years. Also I’m glad I’m not the only one working towards that goal of shutting down the major labels and even most of the independent ones.

And you would have access to the worlds first ever audio component auction, where pieces of songs can be sold off at auction prices to be repurposed in other songs, movies or commercials. What kind of impact do you think that would have on your music?

I would be a little nervous about that. I’m very careful who I collaborate with these days, just because I may not have the same goals or views of them. However I would be interested to see how it could change everything in the long run.

That is not a bad point of view to have.

The only catch is you have to choose to use it to your benefit, or not. We welcome your band to join us in Beta testing this amazing new environment that can finally level the playing field for artists and producers everywhere.

It’s called Beat-Play.

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Look out for The Porcelain Doll’s new album coming very soon. There will be a review on this blog.

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