The Importance of Lending a Hand – Pass it on

Whether its leaving an extra couple bills for your waitress, or mowing your elderly neighbor’s lawn, lending a helping hand can not be under valued! It’s those little things we do in life that can add up to something much bigger, whether for you, or for someone else.

What brings this topic to mind is something that happened to me yesterday. I got a friend request. Let’s call him by his stage name, Arrow in the Sky (amazing artist too). Arrow had read my project details on the Drumbeat website, a really cool open source platform from Mozilla I just found the other day. He sent me a message on Facebook saying how he loved my idea, and was going to tell everyone about it. Of course I appreciated it and thanked him, but then didn’t think much else of it, besides, “wow, what a cool guy!” Then this morning I woke up to find over 60 new facebook friend requests in my email!

This guy doesn’t just talk, he acts! We need more people like this! First of all, this movement not only has the potential to get rid of every major problem artists face today, including poor promotion, piracy, and insufficient revenues, but it won’t be possible unless we get literally as many artists and fans as possible to become part of the community and support it. In essence, we need the people to support us, so they can support themselves. This needs to be a team effort!

The thing about this movement is that is has to be a global one. I’ve talked to artists all over the world, from Colombia, to South Korea, to the UK, and they all have the same problems. We’re all in the same boat! Arrow in the Sky is from Ireland. He’s taken the initiative to spread the word in his local area. This is exactly what we need! As a group with an idea, we would love to just be able to target – the world, but it’s just not that simple. We need artists, wherever they are to help us and be ambassadors locally. That’s how this global movement is going to get off the ground.

If every artist we had would just take the time to help spread the word, as Arrow in the Sky did, and suggest us to their other artist or fan friends, this movement could spread a lot faster, and we would have the large community numbers we need in order to create enough buzz. Think about it. If enough people get together for any reason, people are going to be curious about it. We’re all independent artists looking for promotion. If we got masses of artists to ban together for one cause: to promote our music, the attention would be on us, and people would be drawn to our music much faster!

These days, taking the responsibility to act can be as simple as a few mouse clicks. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but the impact can be greater than ever. If you believe in something, share it with the world. Arrow in the Sky has been the only artist so far to reach out his hand, and help us spread the word online. We could sure use this kind of help, as it’s the widest reaching. You know the phrase what goes around comes around? I think that phrase epitomizes Beat-Play, and the support we get now from the artists will end up fully rewarding them with their dreams when we launch and surprise the world.

Beat-Play’s new official slogan: Pass it on. If you’re feeling in a meaningful mood right now, please, pass it on. This community needs this kind of help more than ever. I really believe that if just a few people follow Arrow in the Sky’s actions, it will make a huge difference. Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself, and for balance in a mismanaged society. We will reach our goals, but we’ll do it much faster with your help!

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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One response to “The Importance of Lending a Hand – Pass it on

  1. The worst barbarity of war is that it forces men collectively to commit acts against which individually they would revolt with their whole being.

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