Social Interaction Online Right Now is Still a Baby

Like this guy - My new pup Bishop

First came Myspace – Nothing more than a glorified account profile complete with videos, music, pictures, blogs, messages, comments, and more. Then came Facebook with most of the same features, plus a higher level of social interaction with live updates and chat options.

Though Facebook’s level of social interaction is higher than myspace’s, and though that is probably the reason why Facebook eventually came out on top, even Facebook’s level of social interaction is still very simple for the time being.

It’s safe to say the web is in the infancy stages of figuring out the extent of social interaction online. Sure Facebook is a great tool to keep in touch with friends, but is the level of interaction they offer good for much else?

New, more complex kinds of social interaction are beginning to emerge now. A good guess as to how this kind of interaction will develop online, is for it to mimic the kinds of social interaction that you see offline. This includes buying and selling products and services, the suggestions of products and services between people, and the way in which we access and organize media. Right now, none of these areas include a high level of social interaction online, but as interaction online matures, it will start to penetrate these areas much deeper.

Actually, eventually, the level of interaction online will even be higher than is possible now offline, because of the ability to track important things that happen so that useful data can then be better organized and used. Imagine all of your receipts just automatically being sent to a folder online that has shared access with your accountant.

What’s the ultimate level of social interaction? It’s almost endless. Imagine a completely scanned version of Manhattan. A 3D, Virtual model, the same in every way. Imagine you could navigate throughout this virtual world via a virtual avatar, that could even be ridiculously life-like. Now imagine you lived in Chicago, or Hawaii, or even India, but you still had a steady job in Manhattan as a salesman.

Not only would no one have to spend money commuting to work, but you wouldn’t have to waste the real space with places that only needed to exist virtually. Why not only leave the restaurants, markets and parks (the places you like going) and digitize everything else? You could go shopping in another country, without any airfare costs. People who live in rural parts of Africa could get a job, or go to school in a city, without having to actually travel at all. Like I said, the possibilities are almost endless.

From this perspective it’s easy to see how social interaction online is in its infancy stages. This is a beautiful time in history. It only gets better.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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