The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #7

Since one of this blog’s main purposes is to maintain transparency between the Beat-Play crew and our users, I thought I’d let everybody in on our goals moving forward as a company.

Being that Beat-Play will completely level out the playing field for independent artists, making the MUSIC the only determining factor of an artist’s success for the first time in history, we are expecting our community to grow big, and fast.

Beat-Play will make money mostly through our ad model, which offers unique, helpful and even fun ways to advertise to users, incorporating p2p games, widgets, 3D graphics, and more, while staying completely subtle and unobtrusive until a user wishes to engage with an ad. Also user’s can customize their ad settings to choose the brands they wish to see advertised, and they could even earn points towards their favorite brands. Songs themselves can be sponsored and artists can earn 100% of the increase to their ad space if they reach a certain rank, say an avg. of 10,000 views a day at the lowest rank. Artists can also be opened up to longer term sponsorship deals from advertisers which I feel is going to be the biggest option in terms of revenue for artists.

So what is Beat-Play going to do with the $5 dollars from every ad, and 5% of every artist’s sponsorship contract that we help them get?

More tools!!
In our minds already is Film-Play, Art-Play, and a few others, but the big project we really want to work on is a web browser. Now things could change in terms of how we get there, but our goals will always be the same, and with the majority of the money earned from Beat-Play 5 years from now, we will begin developing a revolutionary browser that streamlines all of the information on the web, and filters the content relevantly for each user specifically, using custom settings that are easy to use and change. We believe this browser will do for the rest of the web, exactly what Beat-Play will do for music, which is level out the playing field, and put superior products at the top of the totem pole, instead of superior budgets.

The browser will be called Multibase, because of the multiple views and functionality a user will be able to control. It will literally transform web “surfing” into a much more fluid process, and it will be COMPLETELY open source, meaning with the money from Beat-Play and the other -Play sites, we will build it, and then give it to the world.

That is our gift to the users for realizing the dream of Beat-Play. We’re planning on BIG things. But the one thing we can’t stress enough is that we NEED your help. These tools literally will be useless without a huge network of people using them, and if we do get a huge network, then we can solve all of the problems plaguing music for everybody, together, and for good. This needs to happen. Please, tell your friends about our plan, sign up at, and we promise you to let you know as soon as our tools are good enough for you to start using and benefiting from.

We will be in internal beta a little while longer, maybe a month or two, then we will be contacting MWL artists. I think we’ll hard launch sometime early 2011 then. It’s going to be a great year. Thanks to everyone supporting us right now! And don’t forget, pass it on!


Entry by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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