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They’re only playing songs that were made in the last 12 months. You gotta check this site out and read more about it. Sounds like a good opportunity to get heard, if enough people tune in.

Sweet Musician Resource –

They’ve got a lot of really awesome tutorials here.

Music’s Silent Salary Cap

It is no secret that mainstream music today is controlled by the major labels. By controlled, I mean owned. They decide what comes out, when it comes out, and who it reaches. They also control how much the artists get paid from their music. Effectively, this mean the labels, not the artists(the people truly responsible) own the music.

The artists, though they’ve long had feuds with the label executives over extent of control, still need the labels to do 2 jobs: Mass Promotion and Mass Distribution. The labels, with their big budgets and bigger connections, essentially control mass promotion and distribution, thus giving them an excessive amount of control over the people who need those two things the most: the artists.

This situation of control, which borders on extortion, because the artists have little other choice, has created the occurrence of a silent salary cap in music.

This can all be led back to the fans. The fans either don’t know, or don’t care enough, where the money for the music actually goes. Because the fans don’t care, there’s nothing pushing the labels to give artists better deals. They own control over mass promotion and distribution, thus control over the artists, and nobody has a clue about what they’re doing, except for the artists. Continue reading

Vote for our Beat-Play TV Show: Breaking the Music! – We Will Feature Nothing but Talented, Unknown Indie Artists!

Beat-Play is trying to pitch a TV show to Oprah’s new network, which is going to be headed by Ashton Kutcher. Our concept is to have new independent artists on our show every week. Each show would be set inside of a professional recording studio. The artists would perform an existing song or two, and then they would go about recording a brand new song, while we document the whole process. At the end, the viewers get to hear the finished product and we make a music video out of the footage in the studio.

Right now we need your help! We need you to vote for our show so we can reveal as many talented independent artists to the world as possible! Please, Go here: ,check out our promo, and Vote Us Up! Takes A Dive

This morning, users were informed via email of the discontinuation of the site, effective on July 15th 2010. Being a Myspace powered company along with iLike, the sites current users will be able to transfer their GarageBand accounts over to iLike. On a funnier note; people are still able to sign up for GarageBand. (Makes Sense) Here is the email that was sent to the users concerning this motion.

Dear [user],

It’s been over ten years since we started helping discover independent music on the ol’ interwebs. Things have changed a lot since then. Most of those changes have been good and some of them have been bad. Some changes are just bitter-sweet.

It’s with this bitter-sweetness that we are announcing today that will be discontinued as of July 15th, 2010.

The landscape of how music is discovered and delivered has changed drastically over the last decade and we are proud to have been a huge part of that change — first with and then with and beyond. Sadly, that landscape will not include anymore.

Link your account to iLike: (action required)
If you want to continue to make your music available for streaming or download on and the iLike application on Facebook, please go to and login with your Garageband username and password by July 15th, 2010. This will automatically link your account to iLike so we can port your music, profile photo, and biography to

Finally, if you have recently made a purchase on and would like a refund, please email to request a refund. Valid refund requests must be received no later than July 31st, 2010.


The Garageband and iLike team

I believe this to be a start to a long chain of foldings for Myspace. They have been on a quick decline in the online community for the past 2 years now with the power of Facebook and Google flooding the internet. Cutting costs will be a big thing for the future of Myspace as they struggle to focus on the right paths to bring success once again. It will be interesting how long iLike can hold on with the huge advancements in online music streaming and promotion. They are really going to lose it when is released.

By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Paper CD Case!

This is an awesome idea, especially if you can get one of your artist friends to draw some crazy stuff for you. Could be a SICK mailer.

Definitely a Crazy Addicting Music Game

Sonic Visualizer – Analyze Any Song

This program is really cool. You download it and then you can add a bunch of plug-ins to it to analyze different aspects of songs. It is definitely interesting.

Remove the Lyrics from Most Songs

I never would have thought of this, but it makes perfect sense.

Awesome Tips for Guitar Improv

Check em out