– Awesome Interactive Guitar Chords, Tuner and Scales

I don’t play guitar (yet), but a lot of my friends and family members do and I know it can be a b*tch to find a guitar tuner sometimes, especially when you’re traveling. I’ve actually seen a couple other online guitar tuners before but this site takes it further than anyone else. They have some really sweet free interfaces with a lot of options. If you play, it’d be awesome to always know this is here, and works. Don’t know if they have an app..

6 responses to “ – Awesome Interactive Guitar Chords, Tuner and Scales

  1. The site’s been down for at least a week as I keep getting a “DNS – Server Cannot Be Found” message for the past four days.

    Does anyone know what happened to it?

    I have some emails from the owners so I’ll email them and see what’s up as it’s an indespensible site for any guitaris, beginner or otherwise.

    I’ll let you all know…

    • Wow I had no idea, it just worked last week. That’s a real shame.. Please let me know if you get a response from them. Thank you both for pointing that out and for following up! Really appreciate it!

  2. Hi Folks,
    We had a terrible time the other week with the Data Center where we host going down and up. Couldnt access our server at all. It was a wake up call, am getting more frequent off-site backups and moving our hosts to a ‘too big to fail’ host company. Thanks for your comments on the site, and hope you will continue to check us out as we develop it. All the best
    Chordbook.Com Admin

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  4. Hi, I Will To Follow Your Blog But Your Blog Very Nice

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