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DJ Etiquette

Do’s and Don’ts


The Craziest Instruments Ever – Odd Music Gallery

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Free Guitar Lessons

Free? Sign me up!

Yuri Lane – Beatbox Harmonica to the People

Dude is sick!

The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #8

So for those of you who have been wondering where the hell I’ve been the last couple weeks, and why our blog has been nothing but re-blogs of other blogs, there are a couple of reasons I am happy to tell you about.
The last 2-3 weeks have been especially busy for us at Beat-Play. First of all, we are getting extremely close to launching our beta, complete with a never before seen “bump” feature that is similar to a Stumbleupon button specifically for music, except you type in the keywords that match the music you want, instead of picking vague categories. I really can’t wait til we can get people testing that out. We need artists to upload their music then in order for it to work! I will keep you posted.

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Top 10 2009 Tutorials About Mixing and Mastering

Some sick ones in here.

DJ Fly – DMC World Champion – EW

Teach me!

F*ck Sh*t Stack – Really?

Ha couldn’t resist this one..

The Drew Groove – DIRTY!!

This makes me wish I could do that soo bad! What a sick groove..

The Carrot Clarinet – Sounds Yummy