Wow, the comments..

Thought this was pretty funny so I’m sharing.

Some comments from from one of my recent posts Music’s Silent Salary Cap:

“I feel really, really stupid for having read this.

What does ANY of this have to do with a “Salary Cap” for artists. This is the exact same article you always post here, with a different title. I am literally punching myself in the head for having read this.

Hopefully that image brings you some joy today.”

“Yep. A frustrating waste of 5 minutes.

MTT is getting a little off course of late.”

“Maybe everything has been said and it’s time for folk to just get on with it.
I hear a lot of “this will change the world” and very little “this has changed the world”.
The majority of artists must know the score by now and if they don’t, well…………”

“@Justin – I totally agree. By the way, I love reading your comments. Pure gold.

There’s no one way or even a guaranteed way to achieve success in this industry and it really bothers me when people toot their own horns claiming they have the key to success. These peeps are worse than televangilists.

Again, as COUNTLESS OF OTHER PEOPLE HAVE SAID, it’s all about hard work, dedication and using these tools (Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS messaging) to your advantage and experimenting. No one site is going to give success or reboot the music industry or anything else. Absolutely ridiculous”

My Response:

“Ha it’s funny that you all are wrong. But we’ll agree to disagree.

And this is the silent salary cap part: The fans either don’t know, or don’t care enough, where the money for the music actually goes. Because the fans don’t care, there’s nothing pushing the labels to give artists better deals. They own control over mass promotion and distribution, thus control over the artists, and nobody has a clue about what they’re doing, except for the artists.

This is implying that the labels control the cap for artists.

I prefer to talk about solutions and not problems..sorry. And just because something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean they’re full of shit. One day Google just showed up and changed everything..don’t tell me one site can’t do that for music. Facebook, Twitter and Email are all spam. What’s “Absolutely Ridiculous” is that you’re content with spam as a means of promotion for your music. I’m sick of spam quite frankly, and if you went to my about page to see what my model actually does, which I thought I’d spare you right now, then you’d see how we get rid of the spam problem, the piracy problem, the salary cap problem, and every other problem that the artists are faced with today. But you won’t go actually check for yourself, so you’ll stay ignorant and find out from your friends one day. It’s okay. Have fun with that..”

“We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” -Decca Recording Company rejecting the Beatles, 1962.

“Also, I never said I have the key to success for artists. I’m saying I have the means to a level playing field for the first time ever for music. For the first time an artist’s talent will be his key to success, and not who he knows or how much money he has. Talent, genuine value that one person puts out for others, is the only measure of success. My model is based off of that fact, so that if your music is good, it will spread, if it’s not, it won’t. It can be that simple is what I’m trying to say to you people.

I’m an artist too. I’m a rapper. A fucking good one, and I’m not gonna have my music’s rights taken by someone else, especially when the internet is a perfectly good tool for promotion and distribution. People just don’t use it right, so I’m creating my own model that will. I’m 22 years old, college drop out, and my business just got a 1.2 million dollar investment so we can really make this thing a reality. What are you doing?”

No response from any of them yet. What’s up with people’s logic these days? So negative. If people can make the problems, they can solve them.


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