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Awesome Hypebot Article – How Many Clicks…

This article examines how many clicks it takes to get to the music on a variety of popular music sites. Very interesting study with a great point at the end.

This guest post is by Jay Frank, author of Futurehit.DNA and SVP Strategy at CMT.

image from www.socialconversations.com

A few weeks ago, I presented at New Music Seminar a list of the number of clicks it takes to get to music content. For those that missed it (or those that couldn’t write it all down), here is the analysis:

It takes several clicks to get to the music from the following:

  • Amazon Purchase (without Account) – 14
  • iTunes Purchase (without Account) – 12
  • Topspin Purchase – 10
  • Topspin Free Download – 5

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Music Around the World – Gracenote’s Music Maps

Find the most popular music in other parts of the world.


The Music Industry Is Dying, But That’s OK – Sick Article

Pretty sweet article by MDavid Low

In 1999 Napster almost killed the music industry. Apple’s iTunes appeared and finally got people to start paying for digital music downloads, but it wasn’t unveiled until four years after Napster.

“That four-year lag is where the music industry lost the battle,” says Sonal Gandhi, music analyst with Forrester Research. “They lost an opportunity to take consumers’ new behavior and really monetize it in a way that nipped the free music expectation in the bud.”

Now, eleven years since Napster, the music industry is worth half of what it was in 1999. According to Forrester Research, the total revenue from U.S. music sales and licensing plummeted to $6.3 billion in 2009, that is a $8.3 billion drop in revenue since 1999.  On the converse, Forrester is also saying that CD sales will be declining at about the same rate that digital downloads are growing. Continue reading

SoundHack – Awesome Interactive Music Freeware!

Some really cool free music tools on here – delays, free sound bundles, “spectral shapers” & more!


Amazingly Cool New Technology for Musicians – Record & Collaborate over Long Distances!

It’s called Digital Musician. I’ve been talking about something like this being integrated with Beat-Play for a while now. It’s really cool to see that people are already developing this kind of technology. It is almost as if we’re building two sides of the same bridge and we will meet in the middle. Very cool stuff.

From the site: We are a community of creative people from around the world connecting and collaborating, hiring each other for commercial projects, and inviting each other to work on our personal projects. It’s also a place to promote your personal creative growth by discovering new influences and finding fresh inspiration. Join me and thousands of my fellow members now and take your creativity to new levels.


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Establish new international contacts
  • Discover new influences and find fresh inspiration
  • Promote yourself and your work
  • Learn and share recording techniques


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Get hired and earn money from your talents
  • Create commercial and personal projects Continue reading

Portrait Graffiti of Musicians in Berlin [PHOTOS]

Visit This Blog Rules to view more.

Bob Dylan


The Craziest New Sport Ever – Water Walking

I wonder what these guys listen to on their ipods to get pumped up for this. It looks pretty fun. I gotta try it…next time I see a lake..or a pool.


How To Duplicate Records Through Casting

Didn’t know this was possible. Here’s a sweet tutorial


Picks Are For Kids and The Beer Can Amp

Picks Are For Kids is an awesome blog for guitar lovers. There’s some pretty cool stuff on there.

– Like for instance this Guitar Amp made out of a Foster’s can. Ridiculous! I would love to hear how that sounds.

Powered by a nine volt and with knobs for gain and volume it’s got a decidedly lo-fi vibe and sound.


Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja [VIDEO]

Let’s see how long you can actually sit here and watch this ridiculous music video without laughing.

The only problem I can gain from all of this is the fact that I believe they are dead serious with this. Well, sorry.