Amazingly Cool New Technology for Musicians – Record & Collaborate over Long Distances!

It’s called Digital Musician. I’ve been talking about something like this being integrated with Beat-Play for a while now. It’s really cool to see that people are already developing this kind of technology. It is almost as if we’re building two sides of the same bridge and we will meet in the middle. Very cool stuff.

From the site: We are a community of creative people from around the world connecting and collaborating, hiring each other for commercial projects, and inviting each other to work on our personal projects. It’s also a place to promote your personal creative growth by discovering new influences and finding fresh inspiration. Join me and thousands of my fellow members now and take your creativity to new levels.


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Establish new international contacts
  • Discover new influences and find fresh inspiration
  • Promote yourself and your work
  • Learn and share recording techniques


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Get hired and earn money from your talents
  • Create commercial and personal projects
  • Search for participants by category, member, genre, style or instrument
  • Use the Digital Music Container application, developed by the legendary Charlie Steinberg, to
    • Record your projects in real time online with your project partners
    • Use your personal DAW and Rewire to the DMC for online file transfer
    • Buy and Sell tracks
    • Have two way video and audio connection


  • With musicians, producers and recording engineers from around the world
  • Build your own custom profile to share with the community
  • Promote yourself and showcase your music
  • Blog, share photos and get feedback
  • Rate your fellow members work
  • Join discussions on all things creative

The Software:

The Digital Musician Container (DM-Container) software is the central working tool of It is a fully functional sequencer and multi-track recorder with the added benefit of being able to record projects with other musicians, on and offline, with a standard internet connection. Just think of the DM-Container as a multi-track machine that other users can connect to with a broadband connection.

  • Multi-track recording software with integrated online audio file transfer functionality (number of tracks is only limited by the performance of your system)
  • Rewire support (master and slave).
  • Direct peer to peer connection with the partner. Now up to 3 members in real-time. (New Feature!)
  • VST Plug-In integration (New Feature!)
  • Drag and drop audio files between DM-Container  and sequencer/DAW.
  • Offline option where project data is automatically synchronized via the DMN server
  • New audio wave file display. All important edit functions are supported. (New Feature!)
  • Integrated Send File utility to transfer high quality audio files
  • Video conference system via webcam
  • Extended chat feature. (New Feature!)
  • Full integration with the website. (New Feature!)
  • ASIO and Core Audio support.

It’s available now as a free download for all DMN members

Check out the Vid here:

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