Artist Spotlight – Don Carlos: An Appreciative Artist

By Jimmy Iles – Beat-Play and Photographer/Journalist

With the help of music, Don Carlos (born Euvin Spencer) found an opportunity for a way out of his rough childhood surroundings. Growing up in one of the most deprived regions of western Kingston, Jamaica. Don Carlos began to cultivate his own musical talents in the hopes of following in the footsteps of hometown legends such as King Tubby, The Jays, and Junior Reid. In 1973, he found the springboard for his music career singing with the Black Uhuru.

After a couple of years performing as one of the singers in Black Uhuru, Don Carlos felt it was time to break away from the group to pursue a solo career. He left Black Uhuru in 1978 and went out on his own. Having to learn how to be a solo artist, Don Carlos spent three years developing and honing his writing and singing skills to make sure his first album would be a true extension of his dedication to Reggae music. Then, with much awaited anticipation, Don Carlos released his solo debut album in 1981 titled Suffering.

On Stage, Don Carlos is a very charismatic and loveable Reggae artist. You can actually see and feel the love of Reggae music pour from deep within his heart and soul. He fills each venue with a loving bond in which he creates between himself and his fans, the type of bond that can be seen and heard during and after each song. Don Carlos does not just sing to a crowd, but instead he leans down and shakes their hands. He dances from one side of the stage to the other giving high-fives to all those he can reach along the way. In between songs, he announces to the crowd how much they mean to him and thanks them for supporting his music. He expresses to them that they are as much a part of his life as he is in theirs.

The solo career of Don Carlos has produced twelve albums, with the newest album added to the collection titled Changes. He is still touring the world and thanking each one of his many fans during and after each one of his songs. If you ask me, Don Carlos remembers where he came from and makes sure to thank all those who have helped him become what he is today. He is not just another artist but our friend, the legendary Reggae artist, Don Carlos.

For more photos of Don Carlos please go to Jimmywithmwl and Jimmyilesphotography


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