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7 Free Audio Recording Apps for PC

Sick Deep in the Jungle find.


Hello Youtubes! – you can never have too much Ronnie

Hello Youtubes! Another classic performance from Ronald Jenkees

– STS9 Collab – Using their drums to jam with!! –

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you go to his Youtube channel or to his website to buy his album. The new one is awesome!


Paul Dateh – One of the sickest cover artists ever – gotta be – Top 40 mashup

If you liked that: http://www.thesixtyone.com/#/s/K1J6rCpeIrB/


Free Sounds



The Drumming Washing Machine

Haha..that is pretty weird.


The Laser Harp!

Wow, that would be crazy fun.


The POV Concert Series from Pitchfork

You gotta hand it to Pitchfork on this one. This is a really awesome concept that they’ve pulled off pretty flawlessly It’s funny, as we see more and more streaming events popping up, we see this feature more and more. I know the NFL and MLB have utilized this type of coverage, giving the audience full selection over their preferred view. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this feature become a standard part of streaming live or taped performances, everywhere you see them. Very cool stuff..