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Hi-Fidelity Homemade Styrofoam Plate Speaker

More info

It’s pretty interesting to see how speakers actually work.. it’s not too difficult..


The Gear Page – Awesome Music Gear Message Board

Awesome Music Gear Message Board

MusicGearReview.com – Over 11,000 Music Gear Reviews

Really helpful site

Huge List of Websites with Free Samples and Loops

Courtesy of MusicBootCamp.com

The following links will open doors to a wealth of loops, drum hits, acoustic, electric and just plain weird audio samples. Most are available in WAV format, but many are made available as MP3s and other formats. We only include sites that contain drum shots, kits or instruments, whether or not they contain loops. With so many loop sites already in existence, we choose to emphasize playable instruments and drums.

Enjoy. Most or all of these sites offer free samples or entire libraries for free download.

How to Make Beats – Hour Long Tutorial – 1 of 10

“This is part 1 of a 10 hour long high definition tutorial video series on how to write electronic music, from scratch!

All aspects are covered…. basic and advanced synthesis… sampling… progression… mixing… everything is explained in depth as I construct a tune while you watch. I talk to you like your sitting next to me, thinking out loud, cracking jokes and moving at the right pace, rather than focusing on boring shit.”

The rest of this series is available to special members of his personal website. You can check it out here. http://www.cosm.co.nz/learn


The Synthcase – Build yours here! – (If you’re a genius)

Wow this looks really cool…I wish I was geeky enough to build one myself. Wonder if he sells em..anyway, if you wanna try it out there’s A Step by Step Guide Here.

Good Luck!


How to Get Into Any Club – Be a DJ

Haha, good to know.


A Tribe Called Quest held down by the Fabels

I can’t tell you how much I love them. I finally get to see them live at Rock the Bells this year – it’s going to be epic. But this is some seriously messed up bullsh*t..they need to make another album but I don’t blame them for not wanting the labels to be a part of it. There’s gotta be a way out..


Awesome Computer Controlled Christmas Light Display

I know it’s a bit out of season but let’s be honest here; this is just GREAT! Using 45,000 lights running off of 176 channels of computer control.


Singing Exercises to Improve Vocal Control

Some singers have a problem with the middle range of the scales when singing from high notes to low notes, crossing what is known as a “bridge” or a “breaking point.” This can come across as breathlessness, croaky or out of tune. With appropriate singing lessons, this problem can be eradicated.

Learning to Sing Properly

Most voice coaches divide the singing voice into two areas:

  • The head voice
  • The chest voice

The head voice deals with the high notes of the range and has a clear, bright sound; the chest voice deals with the low notes and has a richer, fuller sound. Some singing teachers make the mistake of treating the two as separate entities, assigning both different voice exercises. Continue reading