Daily Archives: August 13, 2010

Electribe EMX + Kaoss Pad 2 – Demo

I could probably spend a whole afternoon messing around on those things..


Le Funk Boat – Warning: Seriously Funky

Ha it’s worth it just to see their flash intro, but they have some pretty tasty funky sounds on board too..


Fukkk Offf – Awesome Friday Night Mix

“Fukkk Offf aka Bastian Heerhorst (left) has been renowned for some time in his hometown for storming live sets in the clubs scattered around Hamburg’s red light district.”

Fukkk Offf


The Bumdrum – A Midi Controller Hang Drum!

Bumdrum is a very sensitive custom MIDI controller made by Buggy Boy especially for Red Bull Music Academy 2010 London.


Jakub Ciupinski – Modified Theremins


Awesome Audiotut – How to Manage & Process Sub-Bass Frequencies


The most famous sample in the world – the whole story


Guitar Amp Recording – Mic Placements

Sweet article from Sound On Sound

Nuttin’ But Strinqz – Winner [VIDEO]

We have had alot of violin posts recently, but it’s definitely helping me gain a new respect and view on this beautiful instrument. These guys put a smooth hip-hop twist to the sound. Visit Nuttin’ But Stringz to read more and hear more!


The Misa Digital Guitar – Demo Vid – Ri-fcking-diculous

There’s not much else to say…other than ew…and I want one!