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Fourth Dimension: Album Review

Music Without Label’s had the amazing opportunity of hearing Fourth Dimension at the 2010 THC Music Festival in Alma, CO. They are a full traditional reggae band from Southern Florida.

Fourth Dimension

In today’s push for a reggae twist, Fourth Dimension sticks to the traditional sound rating them one of the better reggae bands around today. Their new album, Invazion, consisting of 11 tracks and 4 bonus tracks is an amazing feel-good album great for any situation. Invasion was nominated for Best Reggae Album and Best Reggae Song twice in 2009 at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards, the largest Independent Music Awards. The album production is quality andinvazion sounds really tight. These guys are flawless performers as well which I’m sure wholly contributed to the great sound. The band consists of 4 key players, Pierre “Reggae Maestro” Arnau on Keyboards and Percussion, Jah Steve on Bass and Lead Vocals, Strings on Guitars, and Joe Grind on the Drum Kit. The top songs on the album would have to be “What a Situation” and “Yes” having a really smooth reggae tone. I definitely dig the band and recommend checking them out a bit more at their site, Fourth Dimension.

Reviewed by: Mark Valente – Beat-Play Online Content Manager