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Filthy Children: THC Music Fest

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ChemComa: Featured Artist on MWL

Chemcoma is this weeks Featured Artist on MusicWithoutLabels.com:

Chemcoma is a hardworking, blue-collar, “you get what you put in” rockish band from Lafayette, Indiana. Stealing from the best of their influences that range from Def Leppard and Bon Jovi to Sevendust and Fleetwood Mac, their sound is a fresh and unique combination of the familiar. Always high energy and emotionally powerful, the band has the ability to cross several genres, from Metal to Pop Rock, without blinking an eye and still sounding distinctly like themselves. The band prides itself on its multi vocalist approach and dual-gendered vocal arrangements and harmonies almost as much as it does its thick, driving guitar riffs and thumping rhythm section.

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Sweet Free eBook – How to Become a Better Live Band

I downloaded it, there’s no catch. There’s really some good stuff in there.


The Eigenharp – Ridiculous Digital Controller

These things are crazy cool sounding! Here’s an article that’ll tell you more about them: http://distorted-loop.com/2009/10/07/eigenharp-for-mac-a-revolutionary-new-instrument/


More Light Graffiti – From THC Fest

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Erik Mongarin – AirTap

Amazing finger-tap technique on the guitar.