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If you haven’t heard First Aid Kit yet, you need to! – Fleet Foxes Cover

“We aim for the hearts, not the charts!”

– Klara & Johanna Söderberg from Stockholm Sweden. First Aid Kit is Amazing! You should hear their original stuff:




Awesome EQ Guide from Songstuff

I love how they break it down by instrument too. Click the pic to check it out:

There’s a lot more free musician resources at Songstuff too


Springdale Quartet Band Review @SpringdaleQ4

I had the pleasure of seeing Springdale Quartet at this year’s THC Music Fest in Alma, Colorado and they absolutely killed it! The Quartet consists of:

Chase Terzian- Keys/Organ/Vocals

Ben Waligoske- Guitar/Vocals

Greg russell- Drums/Vocals

Jordan Roos- Bass/Vocals

Their sound is ridiculously funky, soulful and a pleasure to listen to, especially live! Their Myspace describes them as Funk, Blues and Jazz. I’d say that’s pretty accurate, but you’ve really got to see for yourself.

As far as Jam bands go, these guys stick out. They have a great feel, and if you listen closely you can catch these crazy time signature changes that they seem to love playing around with, especially on their current eight-track, self titled, mostly live recorded album…it’s awesome.

All of the members are extremely talented musicians and their attention to detail is literally felt in their music. Like they say, if you don’t know what to call it, it’s Jazz, and these guys would definitely fit into that category..then throw in an incredibly soulful blues lick.. These guys are like a lovely kick to the face that’ll make you ask for more. All in all a great grab for anybody looking for something new and something funky.

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari – Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC


Inner Circle: Live at Cervantes [PHOTOS]

Salem: THC Music Festival

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