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Parish Factory – Sickest Visuals to Music

Honestly there’s sicker ones on their website, which I highly recommend going to because the video quality(quicktime) is soo much better than youtube.

More Bomb the Bass Vids


Free Sound Effect Website Database – 500,000+ free sound effects

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Band Review: The Big Motif

The Big Motif is a funky trio out of Denver, Co comprising of

Tony Pacello – Guitar, Vocals

Hunter Roberts – Bass

Jeff Jani – Drums, Percussion

Though I was not able to catch The Big Motif play live at this year’s THC Music Fest, I was able to get a hold of their new 5-track, self-titled E.P. and I was VERY impressed.

They have an awesome feel to their music. It ranges from funky breaks to soulful blues riffs, to psychedelic rock solos. That combination makes for an awesome ride.

Tony Pacello’s vocals and lyrics are the perfect accent and backdrop to groove to over this self-proclaimed Experimental/Psychedelic/Funk band’s music.

One of the reasons I like these guys so much is because this band does soul the right way…they get down! It’s easy to get lost in The Big Motif’s vibe.

All in all this band has an incredible presence to their music that makes me very sad I missed them live. If you ever happen to get the opportunity, don’t make the same mistake I did.

Check out The Big Motif at their website or myspace.


Danny Newport: Music Without Labels’ Featured Artist

Danny Newport brings a great alternative sound to the lyrical flow of a hiphop artist, with heavy toned compliments to build on originality. Residing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Newport found it better to build his music career street performing out west in Hollywood. He eventually caught the attention of many people in the area including producer Joe Warlick (Doobie Brothers, Kanye West, TI) who had then mentored him through writing and recording of his first album, Beach Album. The lyrics in his music promote being yourself and going against the norm, because ‘you’ll never know till you try.’

For more on Danny Newport visit MusicWithoutLabels for links to his videos and website