Strive Roots Band Review

Strive Roots – Communicate – Bioresonance Therapy

Strive Roots – Hip Funk n Roots – Bioresonance Therapy

Eli Lieberman, currently out of Bend, Oregon is the mastermind behind what is Strive Roots. Strive Roots is not something that can be easily defined or confined.

In terms of the music, it’s a kind of beautiful reggae / metal / drum n bass / other infusion with an awesome vibe. Strive Roots is usually a trio consisting of lead guitar(Eli), bass guitar and drums. Eli’s talent on guitar takes center stage, but he also works with some very talented band members, who vary depending on where he is.

I can’t wait to release the film we got of Eli at the THC Music Fest. Eli shreds! He does something with his guitar that I’ve never seen any other human being do ever, and I have no idea how the f**k he does it either(supposedly no one does). I won’t tell you what it is, just look forward to that video hopefully in the next couple weeks.

In terms of the lyrics, the tone and the voice of the music, Strive Roots is more like the reflection of a collection of truths floating out in space somewhere, often not found. It’s this reflection that gives his songs the property of being able to enable and ignite original perspectives and offer insights that one is not to commonly find elsewhere.  By definition, according to me, Strive Roots would officially classify as the beginnings of a movement. Make sure you look out for Eli and Strive Roots; he’s a big enough spark to start a wildfire.

You can find Strive Roots’ 2nd album, Bioresonance Therapy for sale on iTunes right now. Also Look out for his upcoming album The Harmonic Convergence, due to be out very soon. Here’s a special sneak peak below:

Strive Roots – I am alive – The Harmonic Convergence

Strive Roots – 2 Foot Cola – The Harmonic Convergence

You can find Strive Roots tour info at the Strive Roots site.

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

Photography by: Jimmy Iles Director of Operations Beat-Play, LLC and photographer for the


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