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Blue Giant Live at Hi Dive 9-15-10

Last night the Hi Dive’s stage exploded with musical talent as soon as Blue Giant started playing their first song. The band’s mix of country, bluegrass, and folk created a cornucopia of melodic music that filled the venue with energy and passion.

Playing songs from their newly released debut album titled Blue Giant, the band was granted a warm welcome from the Mile Hi City. There is no doubt they are a very musically inclined group of artists, who all play a wide variety of instruments. Front man Kevin Robinson alone plays acoustic Guitar, the banjo, resonator guitar, mandolin, piano, percussion, and sings. To top that all off he has an equally talented group of versatile musicians backing him up. Starting with his lovely wife, Anita Robinson, who can wail on the electric guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, and the 12- string guitar. She is another driving force that makes this band so great. Evan Railton, Chris Funk, and Seth Lorinczi combine to play twelve more instruments, which helps complete this circle of well thought out and perfectly executed American music.

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Article and Photography by: Jimmy Iles – Photojournalist for the Examiner.com and Beat-Play Dir. of Operations


Alphabasic – Awesome Letter to the Fans

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Hello listener…downloader…pirate…pseudo-criminal…

If you can read this, then you’ve more than likely downloaded this album from a peer to peer network or torrent.

You probably expect the rest of this message to tell you that you’re hurting musicians and breaking just about every copyright law in the book. Well, it won’t tell you that.

What I would like to tell you is that my record label understands that a large portion of people pirate music because it is easier than buying it. CDs scratch easily, most pay-per-download sites have poor quality and shitty DRM protection, and vinyl is near impossible to find or ship without hassle.
In many cases I wonder why people buy CDs at all anymore. A few like the tangible artwork, some haven’t adapted to MP3s yet, but most do it because they have a profound love for music and want to support the artists making it. Kind of restores your faith in humanity for a moment eh?

So, now what?
Like the album? About to go “support the artist” on iTunes?
Well, don’t.
Alphabasic is currently in a legal battle against Apple because NONE of our material (Sublight Records included) receives a dime of royalty from the vast amount of sales iTunes has generated using our material.

Want to buy a CD just to show your support?
If you don’t particularly like CDs, don’t bother.
Retailers like Best Buy and Amazon spike the price so high that their cut is often 8 times higher than the artist’s. Besides, most CDs are made out of unrecyclable plastic and leave a nasty footprint in your environment.

If you do particularly like CDs, buy them from the label (in our case, alphabasic.com). After manufacturing costs are recuperated, our artists usually receive over 90% of the actual money coming out of your wallet.
In addition, all of our physical products are made out of 100% recycled material.

Want to show your support?
Go here and browse our library of lossless, DRM-free downloads.
Already have that?
Then feel free to donate whatever you want to your favorite artist. 100% will go directly to them.
Hell, you can even donate a penny just to thank the artist.

If you really like ‘The Flashbulb – Soundtrack To A Vacant Life’ and want to show your support without it going to greedy retailers, distributors, and coked-up label reps, then click the button below.
If you send us your mailing address, Alphabasic may occasionally send you various goodies (overstocks, stickers, even rare CDs) in appreciation and encouragement for your support.


Thanks for reading.

Who knows if my little business plan here will work to fund new releases, but even failure is better than the crappy label/distributor/retailer system musicians have suffered from for over 50 years.
We hope you enjoy the music as much as we do releasing it.
Finally, if you plan on sharing this release, please include this file. The only reason it is here is to show the listener where he can support his favorite artists!

Benn Jordan
CEO – Alphabasic Records


Dose 2 of Fractal Friday – Get it while it’s trippy

Expand your mind, you’ll make better music.

For an explanation of what you’re actually looking at, go to dose 1

These are probably the coolest 2 zooms I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!


Big man, Tiny drumset


SoundOps’ Free Mastering Mix-Off

The rules are simple. If your band is working on a new song, or if you already have one recorded, send your mix to us ( studio@soundops.com ) before October 1st. Our team will listen to each submission and choose our 3 favorite mixes. Then, we will master them for free if they haven’t already been and post them here on the Mastering Blog.

The Grand Prize:

A Featured Post about the band or studio project
A Guitar Center gift card ($150 value)
and $300 more in Free Mastering from SoundOps!

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