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Trademark Da Skydiver – “Dead Fool” [VIDEO]

Hear more Soul Cannon [MUSIC]

“Dilapidated Buildings”

“Sucked Out Of A Dream”

Some new age hip-hop coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland is Soul Cannon. Having performed with many mainstream greats like Mos Def and Talib Kwali, they are no stranger to todays hiphop game. They have the amazing live sound similar to The Roots, with a more offbeat jazz feel coming from Matt Frazao on guitars/electronics, Jon Birkholz on keys/electronics, and Nathan Ellman-Bell on dums, equipped with quick lyrical flow on vocals from Eze Jackson. Check out their newest album, “The Mixed Ape” coming soon; Listen to “Mother May I” here:

Here is some awesome footage of the group for their video Talk Less brought to you by AT Media and the Music Without Labels team.

Download their album Kaboom

How to make your own synth, instrument and effects plug-ins w/ Synthmaker – oscillator synth tutorial

Holy sh*t this is cool! Wish I had enough time to f*** around on this thing all day..damn I curse a lot..

FL Studio’s SynthMaker is an audio programming tool for Windows that lets you create your own sounds, virtual instruments and effects, without having to write any code. The instruments and effects you create can then be used for playing live via MIDI or as VST plugins.

Image Line put together this Synthmaker tutorial that looks at how to make a 2 oscillator synth.

Source: Synthtopia


Ben Folds plays the Chatroulette piano guy live in NC for 2000 ppl – Guy on toilet doesn’t mind

Haha, just click the picture to watch it.


Setting up and Adjusting your Electric Guitar – Walkthru

When buying a new electric guitar you’d probably think that it would be in top-notch playing condition as soon as you pull it out of the box. The fact that your new guitar is made of wood…..and wood moves! Temperature and humidity both effect wood and by the time your guitar gets to you it may need a minor adjustment or two. Additionally, as your guitar ages, you may have to perform periodic adjustments in order to keep your guitar in good playing condition. This is normal for all guitars.

The following tips concern general, basic set-up…however, if you are not sure of what is being described here or are not sure of your capability to carry out the instructions, do yourself a favor and take your axe to a qualified guitar technician.


All electric guitars have an adjustable metal truss rod that runs down the center of the neck. (Figure 1)

The truss rod adjustment can be both simple and complex at the same time. On the simple side, a minor adjustment to straighten a neck with too much concave bow or to relieve a convex bow is possibly all that is needed to make a dramatic improvement to your guitars playability. On the complex side, adjusting the rod alters other aspects of the set-up such as overall action, string height and intonation.….and YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR GUITAR PERMANENTLY IF THE ADJUSTMENT IS NOT MADE CORRECTLY. If you feel confident that you can make this adjustment…read on.

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Easy, Awesome Paper CD Case – No Glue

Pretty fckin  sweet. Click pic to watch the vid.


The Sickest Music Phones Ever. (Concepts?)

The one above and below is my personal favorite. This thing looks so fun. These designers are pretty ridiculous. I highly recommend going to their site and watching the demo videos.


Bombadil – “Barcelona” [MUSIC]

Bombadil released this mp3 on their website to promote the release of their album, Tarpits and Canyonlands, along with Spain victory at the World Cup. The album has 15 tracks in which “Barcelona” did not make the final cut of, so they decided to give the song away to their fans. This song was one of the few songs written by a friend of the band, Dan Shvartsman. It’s amazing that this song didn’t make the cut for the album; I definitely advise checking this one out here.