Hear more Soul Cannon [MUSIC]

“Dilapidated Buildings”

“Sucked Out Of A Dream”

Some new age hip-hop coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland is Soul Cannon. Having performed with many mainstream greats like Mos Def and Talib Kwali, they are no stranger to todays hiphop game. They have the amazing live sound similar to The Roots, with a more offbeat jazz feel coming from Matt Frazao on guitars/electronics, Jon Birkholz on keys/electronics, and Nathan Ellman-Bell on dums, equipped with quick lyrical flow on vocals from Eze Jackson. Check out their newest album, “The Mixed Ape” coming soon; Listen to “Mother May I” here:

Here is some awesome footage of the group for their video Talk Less brought to you by AT Media and the Music Without Labels team.

Download their album Kaboom

3 responses to “Hear more Soul Cannon [MUSIC]

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  2. You know you have to give credit for the photos that you pull from someone else’s site right?

    • The link to your website is located above the video. It links to the portfolio of work you had done with the group.

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