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The Music Gym is Closed! WTF Mate?

Okay read this description and tell me this doesn’t sound like the sickest place ever:

The Music Gym and Lounge is a unique music venue where musicians, producers, artists and fans all come together to share resources and express themselves through music, art, film and dance. Each location has media production stations and music rehearsal studios that all surround a central lounge and performance area.

The equipment and rooms are all communal and promote a thriving creative co-op-style community. Musicians come here to practice and record. Fans come here to listen and to dance with friends. Video producers come here to use our production stations. Students come here to take one-on-one classes. Some come here just to hang out and enjoy a nice cold beer in our lounge while mingling with others. Continue reading

Introducing: Matthew Macchioni

Just got done recording an awesome interview with Philadelphia HOUSE DJ, Matthew Macchioni. Being newer to the DJ scene in Philly, Matthew discusses the steps taken to pursuing a solid start to his career in music. Learn the struggles of an everyday independent DJ and the things needed to successfully get your name out and promote your events. Also get the down-low on his next big show in Old City, Philadelphia. The interview will be released in the next couple weeks on none other than, The Beat-Play Experiment. Get your mind right and check these tracks:

Latest tracks by Matthew Macchioni


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