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Frogs Gone Fishin’ Destroy it at the THC Music Fest – New VID

These guys r fcking amazing, as you can see. Frogs Gone Fishin’ are fresh out of Denver, CO. You can find a free download of their single “Herb” at MountsideRecords.com They’re also the victims of crackhead gear stealers. More info on how to help there.

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ATTENTION ALL BANDS: Be on the Lookout for Crackhead Gear Stealers!

– This is Not a Test –

ATTENTION: Earlier this week, super disgusting band Frogs Gone Fishin’ from the Denver area, had their trailer robbed by what is believed to have been a crackhead. The crackhead got away with over $5,000 in equipment. That’s 1 big ass rock.. He even took all of the band’s CD’s and merchandise. Consequently the band is now forced to cancel the rest of their tour. It is truly a tragic travesty.

This kind of thing is happening more and more to bands all over the place, especially those who travel. We as MusicWithoutLabels and Beat-Play wanted to remind other bands out there about the dangers of crackhead gear-lifters. Be on the constant lookout, and remember, don’t by CD’s from crackheads.

Also, if you find it so fitting in your heart to donate any money at all, a dollar even, back to Frogs Gone Fishin’, the creators of The Victims of Crackhead Gear Robbers Fund, you may do so below.

Login to Paypal, hit Send Money, click Personal, and then Gift, and send to this email address: FrogsGoneFishin@gmail.com Thank you!!

This has been a Musician’s Service Announcement about the the dangers of crackhead gear bitches.

This is for real! Watch our video of the Frogs playing live at the THC fest. They killed that performance! Every piece of gear in the video is now missing. If you see any of this gear, please contact frogsgonefishin@gmail.com. Thank you!


Aidan Knight [MUSIC]

Coming from the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada Aidan has been performing for many years playing in the background. Having played many different instruments such as bass, drums, and guitar he has an incredible ear for smooth transitions and overall song composition. The collaboration of his album, Versicolour was thanks to a Toronto group who had filled in with drums, guitars, background vocals, strings, and horns. Knight has a very soothing feeling to his music with very powerful vocals creating a masterful combination. Here are a few of his tracks to enjoy:

The Sun

Altar Boys

Buy the album “versicolour” here


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