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Salem Live @ the THC Music Fest [VIDEO]

Salem is an amazing pro-active band out of Boulder, Colorado. Todd Anders Johnson (vocals and drums) is the brain behind Salem. All of these musicians who perform with him are incredibly talented.

Todd Anders Johnson is also the creator of the Risan Project, a tour throughout North America dedicated to blending the realms of music and action sports films with events that incorporate alternative energy and sustainability themes.

Salem – “Harvest”

Salem’s music is not to be missed.  Check them out at http://www.salem-music.com/


Judge Roughneck Live at Cervantes

Reggae lovers, listen up! Judge Roughneck is playing tonight. Hailing from the clean streets of Denver, Colorado, this band has got the goods that will put you in a swirling ear-gazmic trance of musical bliss.

Their Ska/Reggae sound will bring you back to the Jazz laced Ska roots of Jamaica and springboard you right into the current pop reggae of today.  JR has an extremely wide range of musical ability that appeals to a large fan base of musical lovers of all genres. They truly are a must see act in Denver.

The band is comprised of seven members, Brian Shaw (lead vocals/bongos/melodica), Jon Hegel (saxophone/keyboard/vocals), Zac Tschillard (guitar/vocals), Rofl Reitzig (Trumpet/vocals), Dave Dinsmore (trombone/vocals), Brian Handlos (bass), and Zach Pietlock (drums). These guys make up a deadly combination of harmonic sounds that mesh together like your mom’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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Article and Photography by Jimmy Iles, Director of Operations Beat-Play, LLC


GroundUP Band Review

“The Road I Travel”

GroundUP is a SICK jam band out of Denver Colorado. A freshly ground mix of

Russ Griffin – guitar/vocals

Dave Halchak – guitar/vocals

Trevor Sinnard – bass/vocals

Zach West – drums

This was one of my favorite bands from the THC Music Fest. All of these guys can jam out hard and their music has such an awesome vibe. If you ever get the opportunity to see them live, you should definitely take it. Their updated tour schedule can be found here.

Each member of Ground Up provides their own distinct flavor to the music, seamlessly switching between funky riffs, high-energy improvised jams, and grooving mini-suites.

Unfortunately, Ground UP has not recorded their first album yet, due to some financial trouble. The band hopes to get in the studio some time next spring. If you want to help them record their CD, send them a message on Myspace or Facebook, you’d be doing the world a great favor.

These guys need to be recorded! Right now online they mostly just have live recordings, which is okay, but it will never compare to seeing them live, and if you don’t live in Colorado, that’s not really an option. They need to take what they’re doing in CO to the whole world. These guys kick ass! Show your support, even a dollar helps, and pay pal makes it really easy to send money to anyone these days, for no charge. Just something to think about. p.s. The band did not ask me to say that.

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Reviewed by Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play LLC

Easy Star All-Stars: “Dubber Side Of The Moon” [ALBUM REVIEW]

Pink Flloyd made an everlasting musical impact on the world with the release of their 70’s hit album, “Dark Side Of The Moon.” For all of you Reggae and Dubstep lovers, Easy Star All-Stars do an amazing job of composing this sound with the platinum classic rock record. The “Dubber Side Of The Moon” happens to be a follow up to their first big release, entitled “Dub Side Of The Moon” in 2003. Other bigger albums, including “Easy Stars Lonely Hearts Dub Band” have begun to set their reggae tone completely aside from the rest. All of these albums have been produced by the 3 original members, Lem Oppenheimer, Michael Goldwasser, and Eric Smith with multiple musical guests essentially helping to promote the reggae, ska, and jazz scene of New York City. Being released on October 19th, visit here to pre-order your copy. This is definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2010. Sneak Preview of “Money”(the Alchemist Remix)

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