Judge Roughneck Live at Cervantes

Reggae lovers, listen up! Judge Roughneck is playing tonight. Hailing from the clean streets of Denver, Colorado, this band has got the goods that will put you in a swirling ear-gazmic trance of musical bliss.

Their Ska/Reggae sound will bring you back to the Jazz laced Ska roots of Jamaica and springboard you right into the current pop reggae of today.  JR has an extremely wide range of musical ability that appeals to a large fan base of musical lovers of all genres. They truly are a must see act in Denver.

The band is comprised of seven members, Brian Shaw (lead vocals/bongos/melodica), Jon Hegel (saxophone/keyboard/vocals), Zac Tschillard (guitar/vocals), Rofl Reitzig (Trumpet/vocals), Dave Dinsmore (trombone/vocals), Brian Handlos (bass), and Zach Pietlock (drums). These guys make up a deadly combination of harmonic sounds that mesh together like your mom’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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Article and Photography by Jimmy Iles, Director of Operations Beat-Play, LLC


One response to “Judge Roughneck Live at Cervantes

  1. Nice pics there… I can’t be there, too bad!

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