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Introducing…Fina Dupa [MUSIC]

Jazz, Funk, and even some latin soul collaborate to form Fina Dupa. Coming from Denver as part of a huge Reggae and Funk scene, these guys bring an intricate mix of style in an upbeat jam for everyone to groove to. Being noted as one of the better Funk groups in Denver, it is quite easy to say that we will definitely be hearing alot more from these guys in the near future. You can grab a copy of their 2008 album “Get it Back” here. So bring back that jazz flow and enjoy “Alligator”


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The Further Room Band Review

The Further Room – “Persephone”

The Further Room is an amazing Alternative/Fusion/Pop band out of Columbia, South Carolina. The band consists of:

Adam Palmer – Vocals, guitar

Barrett Self – Vocals, guitar, piano

Matt Lewis – Drums

Lizbet Kloot – Violin

Mike Shirk – Bass

Their sound is an awesome amalgamation of different styles that pulls you right in. With meaningful lyrics and amazing voices, Adam Palmer and Barrett Self will make you a fan for a long time to come.

As described on their Myspace: If One Republic and Snow Patrol had a 9 pound, 5 ounce autistic… I’m sorry…. aRtistic baby, we’re what would be delivered.

They kind of remind me of one of my favorite bands, Temple Scene, without as much of the electronic stuff. I really love how they bring the violin in there and the acoustic stuff is awesome! All in all these guys are dirty, and I highly recommend giving them a listen.

The Further Room’s debut album, Needful Things is on iTunes now.

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play, LLC


UmConscious Live at Cervantes [PHOTOS]

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UmConscious – Takin’ A Trip


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