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Nappy Roots Live @ the THC Fest – “Po’ Folks,” “Awnaw” & More [VIDEO]

Nappy Roots absolutely killed this performance at the first annual THC Music Fest in Alma, Colorado – the highest town in North America. I also got a chance to talk to the guys about what they’re up to now. Look out for those interviews soon.

Nappy Roots’ new ablum The Pursuit of Nappyness is in stores and on iTunes now. Their new shit is fire!

Their new mixtape Fall Semester is also available at nappyroots.com now for free!


Apex Vibe – Elevate Album Review

Apex Vibe – “Set it Right”

Apex Vibe is a super disgusting rock/reggae/soul band of out Denver, Co, made up of:

Tim Sanchez – Vocals/Guitar

Derek Barnard – Lead Guitar

Sam Caudill – Keyboards/Vocals

Will Lovell – Bass/Vocals

Dubs – Drums

The band recently released their first full-length album called Elevate. I actually had the pleasure of catching the release part and it was an AMAZING performance. I was also fortunate enough to film the whole event. Look out for that soon..dirty. These guys are big.

Their sound is an awesome mix of reggae, rock, hip hop, and it definitely has a soul. One might compare them to 311 or Sublime. Tim on vocals is intoxicating, and Derek on the guitar is fcking ridiculous. Rounding it off perfectly are Sam on keyboards, Dubs on the drums and Will on bass.

There’s not much more I can say about these guys other than that they’re nasty and you will love them, as long as you like great chill music. They’ll also get you up and dancing too. Some of my favorite tracks on the album are “In the Moment” and “Saturday Morning” but honestly they are all really good.

This album is definitely worth the $11 bucks on their website.

Some of the tracks on their new album can also be found on their Myspace. Continue reading

Introducing…Breaking Laces

Comin’ at ya with this amazing New York indie-pop group, Breaking Laces, lead by vocalist Willem Hartong on guitars, Rob Chojnacki on keys, and Seth Masarsky on drums. This sound is extremely clean with very catchy lyrics, almost like a new-aged U2 with the creativity and originality to that of Death Cab For Cutie and Snow Patrol. Their use of samples in the background of the music is well played to the exuberant vibe emitted in the melody.

Drummer, Seth Masarsky states, “We have a certain charm about us, certain fearlessness to us. We established ourselves as a solid live act, but we also showed people that we have versatility, dynamically and musically. We’re the kind of band that can go from the most knock-your-socks-off, crazy hard song to the most relaxed, calm, beautiful, emotional song at the drop of a hat.”

It is our pleasure to have gotten to see them in the 2008 South Park Music Tour and bring to you the title track off the album entitled “Astronomy Is My Life But I Love You”

Be on the lookout for their newest creation, “When You Find Out” to be released this fall on iTunes.


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Fried Grease Live @ the THC Music Fest [VIDEO]

These guys are SICK. Sit back and enjoy!